Hocus Pocus director addresses theory that Allison is a witch

vinessa shaw as allison in hocus pocus
Hocus Pocus director on Allison witch theoryDisney

Hocus Pocus director Kenny Ortega has addressed the theory that Allison might be have magical abilities of her own.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Ortega shared his belief that Allison held the power of sorcery. This revelation even inspired him to flesh out a new Hocus Pocus spin-off project for Disney.

"I did feel the whole time that there was a little witch there," he said. "I even thought there was potential for a spinoff that was about that, and I had conversations about that many years later at the Disney Channel."

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Though the spin-off ultimately didn't materialise, Ortega praised Shaw's "bewitching" portrayal of the teenager, saying: "It was not typical for Max to fall head-over-heels for her. She had a mystical beauty."

Played by Vinessa Shaw, Allison was one of the 1993 film's three starring children who fought back against the villainous Sanderson Sisters played by Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy. Years after the film's release, the theory of Allison's witchiness began circulating among fans.

Ortega's claims come after actress Shaw previously revealed the subtle hints that indicated Allison's powers.

vinessa shaw as allison in hocus pocus

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"It was intentionally implied, for sure," she told The Wrap last year, before revealing the necklace she was wearing in the film "looked like a pentagram," though it was never explicitly mentioned.

Hocus Pocus fans are likely counting down the days till the release of Hocus Pocus 3, which is set to make its highly anticipated return to Disney+. Although it's been confirmed, we are yet to hear an official release date.

Despite how the second movie ended, it's hard to see a third without the iconic Sanderson trio. Sequel star Whitney Peak told Entertainment Weekly that the sisters can always come back: "It would be hard to create a third movie without the Sanderson Sisters, because it's their movie. They are Hocus Pocus. It's hard to imagine what a movie would be like without them."

Hocus Pocus and Hocus Pocus 2 are available to watch now on Disney+.

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