Holger Rune reveals what he has learned from three big losses

Holger Rune during a match Credit: Alamy
Holger Rune during a match Credit: Alamy

Holger Rune believes that you can learn a lot from a loss and was willing to put his money where his mouth is in a recent interview.

Rune shared his belief that you learn more from your losses on the ATP Tour than the wins.

He was asked to run through three big losses that he has suffered in recent matches.

The first match Rune was quizzed on was his loss to Alex de Minaur in Acapulco in February 2023.

When asked about that match, during which he broke down with cramps, Rune admitted that he pushed himself too hard to keep up with the speedy Australian.

He refused to accept that the defeat was just down to his body failing him as he feels he also got his tactics totally wrong.

In a chat with bnpparibasopen.com, Rune said: “I don’t think it’s just the body that failed in that match. I think I didn’t play the right tactics. We put up the right plan and I did not stick to it. I used too much energy to play, because he obviously makes a lot of balls, and runs a lot. I was a bit stressed,”

He likened that match to his hard-fought Indian Wells win over Mackenzie McDonald which took place on the day of his Q&A with the events official website.

“Today was, I wouldn’t say the same, but also against a player who runs really well and plays pretty flat like De Minaur (Mackenzie McDonald) and already there I learned something, to play the right way against these kinds of players, it’s just mental,” Rune added.

He admits that he also made crucial errors in his Australian Open loss to Andrey Rublev.

Rune went down to the Russian in a five-set knock-down drag-out battle.

“It feels different to lose that kind of match,” Rune said.

“Obviously, because it’s such a big occasion and a close match, on a big stage. But at the end of the day it’s the same reason why I lost the match. You don’t want to do these kinds of mistakes too many times. You better learn from them quick.

“Of course Rublev is a phenomenal player, so credit to him as well, but I had my chances and I think it was obvious to see what I could have done differently.”

Rune believes that taking a set off of Novak Djokovic gave him a huge confidence boost back in 2021.

He credits that match with giving him the belief that he could be a top player.

“For sure there were a lot of things,” he said of the match.

“Both in terms of confidence, which actually raised inside myself during that match, and also after, because at that time I had no idea that I could compete at that level, with Novak. I could only do it for one set, but just that I could was very impressive for myself.

“And then there were so many small tennis things that I got inspired by him. How close he put it to the line. How precise he is. How high his first-serve percentage is, so there were so many things to learn from him in that match.”

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