Hollyoaks airs frightening cliffhanger in Felix fighting storyline

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks has aired a terrifying cliffhanger for Felix Westwood after he continued to take part in illegal fighting.

Recent months have seen Felix become involved in the dangerous world of bare-knuckle boxing as a way of coping with his feelings. He has been lying to his friends and family to try to cover up what he's been doing.

Tonight's (August 25) first-look episode saw Felix left unresponsive after taking part in another fight.

Earlier on, his plan to go ahead with the fight was uncovered by a horrified Sharon, who saw the promotional poster on his phone.

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"It's my last fight," Felix insisted, but Sharon wasn't convinced, threatening to tell Mercedes everything if he didn't stop, despite his blackmail threats.

"You know what's the scariest part of this? Even though your body is broken, I don't think you know how to stop," she replied.

Later on, a concerned Mercedes questioned Warren and Sharon on Felix's whereabouts after he'd been acting strangely earlier on – leading to Sharon revealing that he had been taking part in illegal fights.

Mercedes was horrified to learn that Felix was still fighting, and promised to hold Warren responsible should something serious happen to him.

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Over at the carpark, Felix was knocked to the ground by his opponent before Warren was able to intervene and prevent further injury.

The pair were able to make it to Warren's car before the police arrived, however, as Warren drove away from the scene he realised Felix had become non-responsive.

Will Felix be able to get the help he needs?

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