Hollyoaks' James plans a big confession after Lucas' blackmail

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks lawyer James Nightingale decides that it's time to be honest with his husband Ste Hay next week, as he reaches breaking point over Lucas' blackmail.

James' patience reaches its limits as Lucas continues to make threats over his recent incriminating discovery.

Earlier this month, Lucas overheard James talking to gangster Norma Crow about how he'd secretly arranged for Brent Taylor to be attacked in prison.

Aware that Ste would be furious over this, Lucas recorded the conversation and started making demands to James in exchange for his silence.

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Next week, Lucas uses his secret recording as leverage once again, wanting James to help him take part in a short film competition.

Lucas needs better editing software and equipment, so he orders James to give him the money for this.

The teen's sister Leah is jealous when she sees James splashing the cash to benefit Lucas. She confronts Lucas about his blackmail of James, then decides to follow suit by issuing her own ruthless demands to her stepfather.

James can't believe it when he finds himself being blackmailed by both Lucas and Leah. He tries to put a stop to the situation by creating a compromise, agreeing that they can have a weekly allowance in return for giving him one-on-one time whenever he wants it with Ste.

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Lucas clearly has other ideas and wastes no time before making further blackmail threats.

Later in the week, Lucas purposely smashes an expensive bottle of wine at home.

James shouts at Lucas over his bad behaviour, but worries when Ste walks in on the argument.

As James realises that he can't keep up this charade any longer, he prepares to tell his husband the truth. Will he go through with it?

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