Hollyoaks' Nancy and Darren Osborne make life-changing decision over Morgan

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks' Nancy and Darren Osborne have made a life-changing decision over baby Morgan.

In tonight's episode (Tuesday, March 21), Nancy and Darren were anxiously waiting for updates on Morgan after the baby's foot turned blue and she was diagnosed with circulatory problems.

Struggling to cope, Nancy was blaming herself, insisting that she should have been the one to discover Morgan's foot was blue not Charlie. Peri then appeared to tell the couple they were rushing Morgan's test results and to ask if there's anything else they've noticed about her.

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But when Peri suggested the couple get some rest, Nancy snapped at her, saying: "I'm her mother, she's my daughter, where else would I be?"

Nancy then broke down as she sat beside Morgan in her cot, while Darren tried to assure her that they could get through anything together.

But soon the doctor arrived with the test results confirming they'd found an anomaly with Morgan's heart which required major surgery. The doctor then explained that any surgery comes with risk so the hospital will need Darren and Nancy's permission to do the operation.

While Darren immediately said yes, Nancy looked around at the busy hospital and worried that a mistake could be made. As Darren tried to convince her, Nancy said: "She's too little, her tiny body... I can't put her through that."

Nancy was adamant that Morgan wasn't going to have the operation but Darren told her that if there's something wrong they have to fix it. However, Nancy just said she wouldn't be putting her daughter in danger.

Later the couple sat down to talk and Darren told Nancy that being in hospital brings back memories of his dad's heart issues, as well as his own health scare. He told her he was once told his heart issues might be hereditary and now the most frightening thing to him is that Morgan will have to grow up with these worries.

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However, if they let Morgan get surgery, they will be giving her the best chance at life they can. This time, Darren's plea was enough to convince Nancy and they told Peri they would be letting Morgan have the surgery.

Hollyoaks fans know that actress Jessica Fox will soon be taking a break from the soap for maternity leave and she has already teased an emotional departure for her character.

"The cast, crew and people on the floor [at Hollyoaks] have really got me through the last few months as Nancy [has] been very busy and has quite the emotional exit!" she wrote on social media last month.

"Always there with genuine interest and concern, water, [a] hot water bottle for my back, the offer of help and a chair to plonk my pregnant behind on. I appreciate every single one of you. You are the best."

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