Hollyoaks revisits bank heist story with new twist for Grace, Cindy and Zara

Hollyoaks spoilers follow

Hollyoaks has revisited the bank heist story with a new twist for Grace, Cindy and Zara.

Over the last several weeks, the trio have been considering robbing a local bank to secure the funds Cindy needs to keep the market open.

Wednesday's (May 24) first-look episode opened with Grace and Zara exasperated over Cindy already splashing the cash from the planned heist by purchasing a motorcycle.

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Cindy argued that the bike could be used in a "meals on wheels" scheme to drum up more business for the market, while Grace wanted the trio to focus on planning their heist.

"I've already told you, it's virtually impossible," Cindy insisted, while Grace countered: "'Virtually impossible' is not impossible."

Zara and Cindy completely disregarded Grace's demands, focusing instead on snapping some saucy photos of Cindy on the bike to drum up interest in the market on social media.

Grace finally broke through when she revealed she'd come up with an alternate plan that's much easier to pull off — rob the bank van instead of the bank itself.

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"It's the perfect target," Grace argued. "[It has] less security… Girls, the heist is back on and we are going to save the market!"

In a post-credits scene, the trio shared a toast to their new heist plan, with Cindy blurting out: "The heist is back on, baby!"

Grace tried to quiet her down so nobody else heard, but the trio couldn't help but feel excited as they dubbed themselves 'Luke's Angels'.

Will Grace's plot be a simple as she's making it seem?

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