Hollyoaks stars accuse Romeo Nightingale in Rayne Royce murder

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Several Hollyoaks stars believe that Romeo Nightingale will be the one to murder influencer Rayne Royce.

This week sees scheming Rayne killed off in a spectacular whodunit storyline during a luxury party. Romeo is currently amongst the main suspects, with the character finally set to turn against Rayne after suffering weeks of controlling and abusive behaviour.

Speaking about the upcoming murder mystery Malique Thompson-Dwyer (Prince McQueen) and Maddy Smedley (Faye Fuller) have revealed why they believe Romeo will be responsible for his girlfriend's demise.

"I think is the person at the top of the list, deep down in my heart, is Romeo," Thompson-Dwyer said.

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"He's going through all this abuse with her and obviously it's like a love-hate relationship that they've got together. He loves her so much but she has treated him like dirt."

Newcomer Smedley, who recently starred on hit BBC series The Traitors, added that it would be very "Shakespearean" for Romeo to be the killer.

"I think it was Romeo who did it, because if Shakespeare did it, you know how Romeo and Juliet has a lot of killings and deaths. I think Hollyoaks would probably do that because of the passion."

Speaking about their own characters' motivations, Smedley noted that while Faye would embrace the publicity from a murder case, she doesn't actually think her character is "cutthroat" enough to be a killer.

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"I'd say deep down, she wouldn’t want to kill one of her clients because that would be a bit brutal," the actress said.

Meanwhile, Thompson-Dwyer noted that Rayne's false accusation of sexual assault would be a motive for Prince. "That is Prince’s motivation," he said, adding. "But I don't think Prince would be up for killing her."

Romeo actor Owen Warner believes Lacey "has got" to be responsible, adding that the paralegal has been lied to for years about Brent's death.

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