Home sought for cats rescued from ‘worst conditions ever seen’ by shelter staff

Suki and Ravi are two cats looking for their forever home
Suki and Ravi are two cats looking for their forever home

A MUCH-loved animal shelter is looking to rehome four of its longest-staying cats rescued from ‘horrific’ conditions.

Billy, Suki, Ravi and Albie were found among 40 cats in February living in a one-bedroom bungalow with no access to the outdoors.

Staff at Warrington Animal Welfare, based on Slutchers Lane near the town centre, were involved in the rescue and said conditions were ‘the worst they had seen’.

The quartet are the final four looking to be rehomed, and the shelter has made a special appeal to find residents to take them in.

It said: “As you can imagine, the state these cats were in when they came into the rescue was just unimaginable.

“They had little food, no litter trays and certainly no human interaction. It was the most heartbreaking rescue we have ever been part of.

“Fast forward to today, with a lot of love, kindness, time and patience, we now have the most beautiful happy and healthy little gang ever.

“They are confident, adore human affection, love playtime and they absolutely love each other.

“The moment you open the pod door, you are greeted with head bumps and purrs, and it is such a pleasure to see how they have blossomed into their personalities on their journey to healing from a very traumatic life.

“We are so grateful to our wonderful volunteers for all the time, dedication, love and kindness they have put into these cats. We really could not achieve this with them.”

Staff are appealing for homes where the love and kindness will continue, and where the cats ‘will carry on thriving but with the luxuries that they deserve’.

Having closely observed relationships, staff say Billy and Suki will need a home together to ensure their happiness continues, with Billy like the big brother, always looking out for little Suki.

Ravi and Albie will be looking for their home together too, as Ravi really looks up to Albie for guidance and reassurance, and they are incredibly bonded.

Staff added: “Please, please, please share this post with your friends and families, and we hope that it helps give them the chance they deserve to find the right homes so they can start living their best lives.

To apply to rehome Billy and Suki, visit

If you would like to give a home to Ravi and Albie, head to