Homeowners make amazing discovery while repairing their ceiling: ‘[That’s] probably worth a ton’

This couple got more than they bargained for while repairing their drop ceiling.

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TikToker @just.garbxtch and her husband discovered hidden contraband in their ceiling by complete accident. “My husband went to go fix the drop ceiling and found some old boxes,” she explained in the first video. But when they unboxed what they had discovered, well, some people never would’ve guessed what was inside.

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The antique boxes definitely had character. One was black and white with an illustration of two women, and another box had a blue floral print.

Inside the boxes were a bunch of old hats and wigs in different hair colors. Her husband’s expression of shock and confusion pretty much said it all.

The funny clip received over 2.1 million views on TikTok.

“Probably worth a ton,” a user joked.

“She was hiding her purchase from her husband just like we hide our Amazon packages,” another said.

“I don’t know why I was expecting money to be in the boxes,” a TikToker replied.

“Those wig heads might be from someone learning cosmetology around the 1950-60s! Those are really cool! Definitely see about getting them appraised!” a person added.

“A ghost is definitely going to come back looking for those before church this Sunday,” someone wrote.

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