Homer announcers banned from NBA MVP voting

The league is barring team-employed media from award voting.

The NBA MVP voting just got a little more objective.

If you've got NBA League Pass or even just enough discretionary income to have a cable or satellitepackage that allows you to check out regionally-televised games from time to time, you probably loathe certain local announcers.

They're the biggest homers since Bart and Lisa Simpson's dad, and with good reason — the teams pay them to be. Some are so annoying, you probably just watch the game on mute like the rest of the country does whenever Reggie Miller calls a game. Now, theirinfluence will be limited to the two and a half hours they're on the air. Apparently, the NBA hastakenaway their ability to impact history, announcing it hasbanned all team-employed media from voting for league awards.

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The news was disseminated on Twitter by team broadcasters Mark J. Doyle (Pacers) and Chuck Swirsky (Bulls), and they both agreed with the move.

It seems both of these guysunderstandthe responsibility of being a voter, and acted accordingly. It's also cool theydon't have a problem with the league removing the temptation, for others,to side with theiremployer and eliminatethe very possibility of impropriety.

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