This New Hotel in Paris Has One of the Best Rooftop Bars in the City

Take it all in.

<p>Hotel Dame des Arts</p>

Hotel Dame des Arts

When choosing a hotel in Paris, the options are as endless as choosing a museum or, for that matter, a restaurant. The city is filled with gems, and with the summer Olympics just around the corner, new hotel openings aren't difficult to come by. But if you're looking to take in as much of the city as possible all at once, Hotel Dames Des Arts is right up your alley.

Located in the Latin Quarter on the Left Bank (yes, we said Left Bank), the relatively new building, constructed in 1959, was first a drama school, then a Holiday Inn, and now is the "it" place to stay in Paris. Don't believe me? Just head up to the roof.

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Boasting 360-degree views of Paris, every significant monument is within an arm's reach from the rooftop — The Panthéon, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame (which is reopening soon!), and great cocktails to go along with it, including some surprising mezcal-based drinks. I sipped on a mezcal margarita, which, while a drink I didn't expect to have in Paris, hit the spot while staring at the scaffolding surrounding Notre Dame. And, as a guest, you have exclusive access to booking a table — otherwise, it's on a first-come, first-served basis.

Those looking to match their margaritas with their next meal are in luck, as the hotel's downstairs restaurant focuses on Mexican food. Believe me, I was as skeptical as anyone, but the tuna tostada is seriously excellent —  and no one will blame you for not craving mole and tacos while you're in France. But if you're craving something a bit more Parisian, the hotel is close to everything and neighbors at least two dining destinations worthy of multiple visits.

First, located right around the corner from the hotel, is L'avant Comptoir (there are actually three separate outposts located right next to each other), a restaurant that Anthony Bourdain loved so much he returned to it frequently. And I can say, based on experience, so will you. I found myself going back time and time again to indulge in the giant mound of butter in the middle of the bar, the flowing wine list, and delicious snacks, including pâté, oysters, seared scallops, and whatever else might call to you, it's all excellent. This is the perfect place to grab a bite any time, whether before dinner, after, or in the middle of the day.

Then, there's Brasserie Lipp, just a few blocks away, one of the oldest Brasseries in Paris, with transporting decor. Worried it will be touristy? As one friend put it: It is, and it isn't, a fact which, in my opinion, makes it the best kind of place. The waiters are decked out to the nines, and the vibe is distinctly "1920s Ernest Hemingway in Paris." But it goes far beyond the look. The food is classic. And delicious. And absolutely worth a lunch and dinner stop.

But, again, these are all down the block. The star of this journey is the rooftop bar. So, after you complete your culinary explorations of the city, head home and straight upstairs for a cocktail, or pick something off its lengthy Champagne list for a local taste. Then, sit and wait for the sun to go down and the lights to come up on the Eiffel Tower. Because here, the city of love is at your fingertips.

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