Huge space rocket docks at Glasgow's George Square to help inspire children

Huge space rocket docks at Glasgow's George Square to help inspire children. <i>(Image: Gordon Terris)</i>
Huge space rocket docks at Glasgow's George Square to help inspire children. (Image: Gordon Terris)

A rocket has landed in Glasgow as a 72ft spaceship has been put on display to inspire the next generation of space enthusiasts.

Docking at George Square, the UK Space Agency has stopped in Glasgow for their 'Space for Everyone' tour.

The tour will run until Monday, September 25.

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Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

The exciting initiative aims to captivate and educate the next generation, showcasing the UK's flourishing space industry. Scottish-based businesses, including Orbex, Skyrora and Space Aye have stalls set up to showcase the diverse array of career opportunities available.

The tour is aimed to be a "beacon of inspiration" as they look to debunk myths around the space industry as well as shed a light on the different career paths people can take within the space sector.

Penny Godfrey, head of marketing at Orbex, spoke to the Glasgow Times about how they are looking to inspire children from ages 9-13.

She said: "We want to inspire young people to be inspired about space and to think of it as a potential career.

"We have got this amazing replica rocket that is touring with the event.

"There are also amazing opportunities to meet the amazing space companies, such as Orbex, that are based in Scotland and find out what we are doing.

"They can also find out what types of careers young people can have in the industry as there are lots of cool and exciting things people can do."

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

Scotland has a strong reputation in the space sector as they produce the second most amount of satellites in the world behind California.

However, one has never been launched into space from UK soil.

Space for Everyone has said to promise an immersive experience, incorporating state-of-the-art virtual reality headsets to provide unparalleled insights into what a launch from the UK looks like, and the job roles involved in making it happen.

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

Rosie Hull, senior business development associate for Skyrora, spoke about how important it is to highlight the strength of the industry.

She said: "This is a great chance for all of the space sectors to talk to the younger generation and demystify the industry.

"I feel that a lot of kids in Scotland, and the UK, don't really know that the space sector exists here, and they definitely don't know that there are two launch vehicle manufacturers here in Scotland either.

"I want to be able to to also tell the kids that they don't need to be a rocket engineer to be in the space world, my role is business development and I am in the space sector.

"We also need health and safety staff, legal staff, HR staff and roles along those lines. So it is important to realise that you don't have to be manufacturing things to be part of this sector.

Watch our live coverage of the event as the tour welcomed the public for the first time.