Give Your Hummus A Brighter Flavor With A Bit Of Cilantro

bowl of cilantro hummus
bowl of cilantro hummus - Nataliya Arzamasova/Shutterstock

A staple food in many homes, hummus is loved not only for its creaminess and healthy perks, but also its ability to blend with nearly anything. The original spread has a mild demeanor in color, flavor, and texture, which allows for endless customization. A great way to jazz it up is to add cilantro, a popular herb with a bright, citrusy overtone.

Mixed into hummus, cilantro turns it into a cheerful, vibrant green paste with a delightful and refreshing look. Cilantro's pungency and slightly tangy taste pair beautifully with the earthy tone of the original hummus. The leafy herb also adds a dash of brightness that lightens up the rich texture of the chickpeas, making it softer yet keeping the original creaminess fully intact.

Cilantro hummus is simple to make: just remove the cilantro roots and stem, and blend it with the other hummus ingredients. A good ratio is one cup of cilantro leaves to four cups of chickpeas. This mixture can be a star as is but also pairs well with other herbs and seasonings to become a more unique, enticing version. Lime or lemon juice is a common addition when you crave that zesty kick. Adding a fresh jalapeño or two will give your cilantro hummus a bolder, grassier flavor profile. For some depth and warmth, sprinkle in some cumin or roasted paprika. These flavors bring out the best in each other without overpowering the humble hummus.

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Delicious Ways To Enjoy Cilantro Hummus

bread and green hummus
bread and green hummus - Angelika Mostova/Getty Images

The addition of cilantro, with its sprightliness, elevates the hummus without limiting its versatility. Cilantro hummus serves as a great base for an appetizer platter. Its rich and creamy texture, paired with a citrusy flavor, blends well with crunchy and watery baby cucumbers, carrot sticks, and bell pepper strips. For a fusion experience, try it as a dip in place of traditional peanut sauce to add richness to the light and fresh Vietnamese spring rolls. Cilantro hummus also marries well with roasted vegetables, offering a creamy, savory contrast and adding zest to their earthy flavors.

We also can't forget about the old but gold combination of hummus with pita triangles and tortilla chips, which gets elevated to a new height with the addition of cilantro. Its bright flavor and creamy consistency also work great as a spread, adding a herby kick and creaminess to your sandwiches or naan bread. Don't miss it on your BBQ parties either — cilantro hummus will introduce a burst of fresh, tangy flavor to your grilled chicken, fish, or shrimp.

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