“Hunting Housewives”: Denise Richards and NeNe Leakes Skirt Murder in Lifetime's Anti-Glamping Movie (Exclusive)

In PEOPLE's exclusive trailer debut, Kym Johnson Herjavec and Melyssa Ford join the Housewives alums in fighting for their lives in the woods after their husbands cook up a murder plot

These Housewives aren't going down without a fight!

PEOPLE's can exclusively debut the trailer for Lifetime's Hunting Housewives, starring two of Bravo's most dramatic breakout stars: Denise Richards and NeNe Leakes. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Real Housewives of Atlanta alums join former Dancing with the Stars pro Kym Johnson Herjavec and Blood, Sweat & Heels' Melyssa Ford to battle for survival in the network's brand-new thriller.

Hunting Housewives tells the story of four friends Karla Dodds (Richards), Rebel Carron-Whitman (Leakes), Joli Symons (Herjavec) and Sharell Bouvier (Ford) who "head for a much-needed spa retreat weekend away from their husbands, children and busy schedules when suddenly they find themselves downed in a plane crash," according to the movie's official synopsis.

"With no knowledge of basic survival, the Housewives must use their wits and whatever is in their designer bags to try to survive in the rugged wilds," it teases. "When they realize they are not alone, even frenemies must align to outwit their hunters."

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The trailer begins with the ladies' husbands convening in a dark room filled with screens to hatch a plan for their frivolous wives.

"These women are bleeding us dry, but do I have a solution for our problems," one of the men says before introducing his master plan.

The Housewives get ready to board a private plane to their spa weekend, only to wake up nowhere near a massage table — instead, they're trapped in the woods surrounded by the fallout of an airplane crash.

As the men watch remotely thanks to surveillance cameras, the women hobble around desperately and one husband says they're in the midst of "one accident, four tough lessons."

"This is why I never go camping," Karla sighs, prompting Joli to remind her sharply: "You were literally in a plane crash."

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After long nights and days filled with bear encounters and roasting unidentified meats on sticks, the ladies have a rude awakening when they discover a camera in the forest and piece together their men's devious plot.

"This whole thing was a set-up!" Karla whispers as she unplugs the cameras and disrupts their feed.

When she shares her shocking discovery with the rest of the group, Sharell asks, "Your husband wired an entire forest to capture his wife's survival of a plane crash?"

"Yeah," Karls replies, unfazed at how bonkers that is.

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The women soon face more than just wildlife, but Karla reassures the ladies that "we're not going to die, we have this" as they dodge stray arrows and sharpen sticks into spears.

Over in civilization, a rift grows among the husbands when one of them yells, "We all let our marriages fail, we all want something different. We want to change. I don't think you understand!"

As the situation in the woods gets more dire, Karla admits, "Maybe there's some things I haven't told you about my marriage."

Sharell responds incredulously, "You think?!"

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Hunting Housewives premieres March 9 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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