Hypebae's Editors Tried Saie Beauty's New Slip-Tint Radiant All Over Concealer

It's no secret that Saie Beauty's Slip Tint Tinted Moisturizer is a fan favorite for many beauty lovers, especially those who have sensitive or acne-prone skin. The product's non-comedogenic lightweight formula is a pro for those "your skin but better" makeup looks. Now the brand is releasing a sister product, the Slip Tint Radiant All Over Concealer, with the hopes of bringing all the greatness of the moisturizer into a more flexible, multi-use product.

The founder of Saie Beauty, Laney Crowell, is an acne advocate, having created her brand after years of battling breakouts and her desire to find beauty products that didn't irritate or inflame her skin. The brand's latest product aims to be yet another star in the company's lineup of skin-benefiting makeup products, making the new launch appealing to an acne-prone beauty editor like myself. I'm always in search of complexion products that not only look good, but also feel good on my skin. I typically reach for concealers and skin tint products, as foundations often feel heavy and cakey on my face. On the other hand, Hypebae's social media coordinator typically opts for products that work well on top of her textured skin. Keep reading for a full breakdown of Saie Beauty's new drop and our honest thoughts on it.

What To Know About Saie Beauty's Slip Tint Radiant All Over Concealer 

Price: $28 USD, available at

Rating: 10/10 

Best for: Girlies going for the "your skin but better" look.

Saie Beauty Slip Tint Radiant All Over Concealer : Why The Hype?

The Slip Tint Radiant All Over Concealer comes in 25 shades, as the brand aims to have a match for a range of undertones and complexions. The product is said to have medium but buildable coverage as a means to "meet your skin where it’s at," per the release statement. The product was formulated to pair flawlessly with its best-selling Slip Tint Tinted Moisturizer and new foundation for maximum coverage, if not being worn on it's own. According to the press release, the Slip Tint Radiant All Over Concealer has skincare benefits that aim to hydrate, smooth and soothe your skin.

The product is said to be a skincare-makeup hybrid product boasting skin-benefiting ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and rice bran peptides. These ingredients aim to help the skin attract and retain moisture while also helping to reduce inflammation and brighten the wearer's complexion. The peptides nourish and hydrate the skin barrier while helping to reduce the appearance of blemishes, breakouts and imperfections. The product has an "anti-cake formula" and is clinically proven for 12-hour wear, per the brand.

Saie Beauty Slip Tint Radiant All Over Concealer: How To Use

The Slip Tint Concealer can easily fit into a normal makeup routine, whether that's a full beat or a five-minute face. Follow your normal pre-makeup skincare routine to ensure that your base is clean and hydrated. For optimal results, the brand recommends using the Glowy Super Gel Primer to deposit a glow onto the skin and for the concealer to lay nicely on the skin. Makeup lovers can use the doe-foot applicator to place the product on the desired areas of their face and blend out the concealer with their choice of a beauty sponge, brush or fingers.

Saie Beauty Slip Tint Radiant All Over Concealer: Honest Reviews

Sha Spencer, Beauty Editor 

Beauty, Makeup, Saie, Saie Beauty, Concealer, Reviews, Blush, Primer
Beauty, Makeup, Saie, Saie Beauty, Concealer, Reviews, Blush, Primer

Shade: 17, 18

The Slip Tint Radiant Concealer felt very lightweight and almost had a cooling effect on my skin. I love that my skin didn't feel suffocated or buried under the product. I wore the product for about six hours and I have zero notes about how the product performed during that time. The concealer didn't run, crease or transfer onto my coat or clothing collar. I have dry skin and was very happy that the product didn't crack or flake in my T-zone, where I'm the most dry.

The shade match was truly impressive, as two shades were used on my skin since darker complexions tend to have a warmer tone around the perimeter of our faces. Both shades that were used on me were a spot-on match and I love how my skin still shined through for a natural makeup look.

Daniela Guevara, Social Media Coordinator 

Beauty, Makeup, Saie, Saie Beauty, Concealer, Reviews, Blush, Primer
Beauty, Makeup, Saie, Saie Beauty, Concealer, Reviews, Blush, Primer

Shade: 6

Overall, the product felt light on my skin and wore beautifully for over four hours - with zero product separation on my face. I was pleasantly surprised that it covered up my fading acne spots and the redness on my face, given how lightweight the formula felt. My skin is on the oily side, especially as the day wares on, but by misting my face, I felt revived again.

The Slip Tint Radiant All Over Concealer is truly your skin, but better. The shade I used felt like it blended into my seamlessly into my skin. So much so that it didn't even feel like I was wearing concealer. That's how well it matched my skin.

Beauty, Makeup, Saie, Saie Beauty, Concealer, Reviews, Blush, Primer
Beauty, Makeup, Saie, Saie Beauty, Concealer, Reviews, Blush, Primer

The Final Verdict: 

Sha: I love the glow that the gel primer and Slip Tint Radiant All Over Concealer gave my skin and will certainly be using this combination again. The lightweight feel of the product is, in my book, unmatched. And I say that as someone with sensitive skin.

Daniela: I'd definitely buy this product again. I've had bad luck in the past with concealers that feel too cakey and flake over the course of the day. The Slip Tint concealer feels super light and it's brighting qualities were apparent on my skin.

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