Ian Wright tears strips off ‘whinging’ Man Utd star with recent actions deemed ‘totally out of order’

Ian Wright pundit, March 2018 Credit: Alamy
Ian Wright pundit, March 2018 Credit: Alamy

Ian Wright has described Bruno Fernandes’ performance in Manchester United’s recent record-breaking 7-0 defeat to Liverpool as ‘laughable.’

The Portuguese midfielder, who was the Red Devil’s captain for the game, has been heavily criticised by several pundits after the humiliation at Anfield.

Admittedly, none of the Man Utd players played well against Liverpool. Fernandes, however, was particularly poor and appeared to lose his head towards the end of the derby.

Indeed, as reported on Sunday, Gary Neville said that the 7-0 thrashing was ‘epitomised’ by Fernandes, saying he put in an ’embarrassing’ performance.

The Portugal international was seen constantly arguing with the referee, as well as failing to track back to help his teammates and then proceeded to criticise them for their mistakes while failing to acknowledge his own.

There have been claims that the media onslaught towards Fernandes following the defeat to Liverpool is somewhat unfair, given he has proved his quality time and time again for the Red Devils.

However, as an experienced player, you would expect the midfielder to show more leadership on the field towards his teammates, even if Man Utd did suffer the joint-biggest loss in their entire history.

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Ian Wright rips into ‘whinging’ Fernandes

As mentioned, while on punditry duty, both Michael Owen and Ian Wright were heavily critical of Fernandes’ performance against Liverpool.

As noted by JOE, the pair showed footage of the midfielder’s worst moments in the match – showing him arguing with the ref, his teammates and his opponents.

“This is the thing, Michael, you don’t get them (referee decisions in your favour),” Wright said when talking about when Fernandes sulked after not getting a penalty in the second half.

“Sometimes you know you’re going to Anfield and you think you’re gonna get stuff. You don’t get it.”

Wright then showed how Fernandes remained stood next to Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker, as the Merseysiders broke up the end of the pitch, while he remained 60 yards behind play.

“But if you look at his reaction now, he’s having a word with Alisson, he’s arguing with him.

“Look at him, and look at the ball where the ball is…  I’m thinking, ‘Get yourself back in over’,” Wright added.

“Because he is coming over here to speak to (Marcus) Rashford to have some form of a whinge. That is whinging. Rashford is telling him to get on with the game.”

Man Utd star told he’s out of order

Wright continued his rant: “This is the captain! This is the guy who’s meant to be leading by example, and you look at how he’s acting… I can’t, honestly, that is laughable.

“That wouldn’t happen in our day… Simply because a player like that wouldn’t get to our levels where he is with all that kind of histrionics in one of the biggest games in English football. It is there for everyone to see. He’s totally out of order!”

The Red Devil’s next game comes against Real Betis in a crucial Europa League tie on Thursday, so it will be interesting to see if Erik ten Hag sticks with Fernandes for that game.

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