'iCarly' Stars Look Back on Emily Ratajkowski's Cameo: 'I'll Be Darned, It Worked'

Costars Nathan Kress and Jerry Trainor called the model and influencer's cameo "hilarious" as she teases a possible return



Before Emily Ratajkowski found worldwide recognition as a model and influencer, she was Gibby’s girlfriend Tasha on iCarly!

Jerry Trainor and Nathan Kress, who play Spencer and Freddie on the Nickelodeon series, remembered Ratajkowski’s two-episode season 3 cameo back in 2009. The costars recall thinking the scenes were "hilarious."

“Her and Gibby, we would all just be like, 'Wait you two…together...what? How is this even working?'" Trainor, 46, told E! News.

"But it worked!" added Kress, 30. "I'll be darned, it worked.”

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Lisa Rose/Paramount+
Lisa Rose/Paramount+

Ratajkowski must have thought it worked too, because she recently revealed to BuzzFeed that she would “definitely” make another appearance on the show’s Paramount+ reboot.

“I get called Tasha on the internet a lot, which, I’m honored,” Ratajkowski admitted.

In a TikTok, the model rewatched the scene and laughed as she shared that she took two weeks off of school for the role around the time she was 16 or 17 years old.

“Gibby, my first love lol,” she jokingly wrote.

“Proud to be Tasha forever,” she continued.

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Other OG iCarly characters might be returning sooner than you think — Kress shared that the upcoming season of the fan-favorite’s revival, which stars Miranda Cosgrove, Laci Mosley and Jaiyden Triplett alongside Trainor and Kress, already has a reunion in the works.

“One of the things we do this season, there's a something of a reunion episode with characters from the old Ridgeway High," Kress divulged. "So, we were able to bring back people that we saw a good 10, 15 years ago and see where they are now, so a little bit of nostalgia there.”

Kress added, “We can't do a season of iCarly without bringing back some folks from the olden days."

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iCarly season 3 premieres June 1 on Paramount+.

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