Ice-T Takes ‘Law & Order’ Quiz — and Fails Miserably

Ice-T has played Detective Fin Tutuola on Law & Order: SVU for 17 of its 18 seasons, and the team over at ScreenCrush decided to see how many of his 384 episodes he actually remembers. Spoiler alert: not many!

Ice-T (Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)
Ice-T (Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

ScreenCrush presented Ice-T with a list of real and fake SVU episodes to see whether he could identify the real ones. Granted, some of the insane storylines on SVU definitely sound made up — like, for example, one about a man whose spiked lube causes abortions, and another about mothers who smuggle drugs across the border in formula bottles — but we still would have expected him to get a few more correct. At least he knew that the episode in which a father of 47 who was stabbed with an injection knife that makes his chest explode was a real episode.

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