Idina Menzel surprised 11-year-old fan who sang 'Let It Go' on 'Ellen'

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Eleven-year-old Luke Chacko got a huge surprise on The Ellen DeGeneres Show when his favorite singer, Idina Menzel, visited him. Chacko recently surprised Menzel at one of her concerts when she handed him the microphone during “Let It Go” and he belted out the Disney hit. Video of him shocking the Tony Award winning singer and actress went viral.

So, Ellen DeGeneres brought Chacko onto her show. He revealed that he’s been bullied at school but has been able to withstand it with a positive outlook and surrounding himself with his “squad.” DeGeneres asked who he’d like to add to the squad and Menzel popped up behind him. She gushed about Chacko’s confidence.

After Chacko gave another performance of “Let It Go” for Menzel, she in turn said, “You go home and tell those kids if they bother you I’ll come kick their ass.”

Watch Luke wow Idina Menzel with his incredible performance of ‘Let It Go’:

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