Iga Swiatek ‘proud and happy’ after incredible 2022, but now it’s time to switch off and relax

Iga Swiatek talks to the media Credit: Alamy
Iga Swiatek talks to the media Credit: Alamy

The 2022 season has been an intense one for Iga Swiatek and, although her year ended on a losing note as she lost in the semi-final of the WTA Finals, she admits that she is “happy that it’s done”.

Swiatek started the year as potential world No 1 and within four months she rose to the top of WTA Rankings on the back of Ashleigh Barty’s retirement.

By the time she hit top spot in April, she had already collected three WTA 1000 titles in the season and bigger and better things were still to come as she won the French Open and went on a 37-match unbeaten run.

After a disappointing Wimbledon campaign, she returned to form and won the US Open before securing her eighth and final title of the year at the San Diego Open.

Things didn’t quite work out at the WTA Finals as she was beaten by Aryna Sabalenka in the last eight on Sunday, but there was a “bright side” to her defeat.

“I’m not gonna lie to you, I’ve been waiting for that moment,” she said. “Because last week, basically it was pretty hard to see the finish line but still be fully motivated and ready for every match. On one hand, I’m sad that I lost, but on the other hand, I have one more day off. That’s something on the bright side.

“This season has been so intense and I’m so proud of myself that I could play so well till the end of it. I’m happy that it’s done.”

Swiatek finished her season with a 67–9 record, won 40 of her first 45 matches as a world No 1 and finished with 11,085 ranking points.

The 21-year-old added: “It’s just crazy that it happens. It’s that kind of thing that is gonna stay with you for the rest of your career. And it’s something to be proud of. Even though I lost, I’m going to try to enjoy everything.”

But for now it is time to switch off and do some sightseeing before she gets back to training to try to do it all again.

“I want to spend eight days not thinking about anything and not doing anything,” Swiatek said. “That’s the first time I’m gonna have a vacation like that because usually I went to places where I could do sightseeing, and I still had an active vacation.

“Slowly I’m going to kind of come back to work. And then I’m sure that we’re gonna start some easy practice sessions. So, yeah, a lot of time. And I’m happy about it.”

She added: “I’m just gonna really relax because I actually needed to learn how to do that. Last year was the first time that I was able to kind of cut off everything and recover well. I’m gonna try to do it again this year, because it’s not that easy when you’re constantly playing and your brain is used to competing.”

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