Iga Swiatek wants the WTA to do more to close pay gap

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Iga Swiatek in action Credit: Alamy
Iga Swiatek in action Credit: Alamy

World No 1 Iga Swiatek believes that the WTA should be doing more to ensure that their tournaments have prize money equal to events of a similar level in the ATP Tour.

Swiatek feels that the tour can push tournament license holders to guarantee a certain level of p[rize money.

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She feels the women’s tour provides a consistently high tennis level, which must be acknowledged.

“I also get people who are saying that men’s tennis is nicer to watch and guys can do more because they are physically and biologically stronger,” said Swiatek.

“But I think there were a lot of people, for example a couple of years ago, who were saying that (the women’s game is) not consistent and that’s a shame and it should be better, but right now basically I think, you know, we are even more consistent than the guys with our game.

“Watching women’s tennis gives the same emotions, and sometimes even like more emotions, because we are women and we are a little bit more emotional.

“But, yeah, I think it would be nice if WTA could make it even.”

Swiatek admitted that the WTA Tour holds a better position than many other professional women’s sports.

“I think (tennis) is better than most sports, but still there is a lot we can work on in terms of, you know, getting equal prize money on some WTA tournaments compared to ATP on the same level,” Swiatek told a news conference Wednesday.

“Grand Slams are already even, as we know. That’s nice, but for sure it would be good if WTA would focus on that, but I don’t really want to get into that, because it’s a lot of business and sometimes politics.

“I don’t think I have, you know, a lot of influence. I just can say that it would be nice for our sport if it was equal, especially because we kind of do the same work.”

Swiatek is in Madrid for a tournament which does have equal prize money for men and women.

The Polish No 1 will face Julia Grabher in her opening match at La Caja Magica.

Swiatek feels that the Madrid conditions will take come getting used to.

“I feel like the (balls) are more like flying bullets, you have to control them — and the clay is a little bit different, the movement and stuff, I just have to get used to it,” Swiatek added.

“I want to win every tournament that I go to, but Madrid, for sure, is still this kind of tournament that I haven’t figured it out for 100 percent, so I just want to get the experience.”

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