'I'll keep playing through anything' – Embiid happy to get his injury comeback 'out of the way'

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Joel Embiid conceded he has not fully recovered from injury, but is determined to help the Philadelphia 76ers overcome the Boston Celtics.

Embiid was named the new NBA MVP on Tuesday but his comeback from a sprained ligament did not go according to plan a day later as he scored just 15 points in a 121-87 defeat to Boston.

Celtics' win tied the series at 1-1 heading into Game 3 in Philadelphia on Friday.

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And while Embiid acknowledged he was never going to be at 100 per cent, he did not feel another few days of rest would have made much of a difference.

"The way I saw it, what I have, I'm supposed to be out for four-to-six weeks or something like that," Embiid said.

"I'm not gonna be 100 per cent for that whole time. I'm not gonna be fully healed for that whole time. I felt pretty good to play and I feel like I can help the team defensively and offensively.

"Obviously, offensively, I wasn't as aggressive. I was just trying to let the game come to me. Then defensively, just protecting the rim. I think I did a fine job when it comes to that. So I just felt like being up 1-0 and having a chance to go up 2-0 against this type of team.

"I felt like just get this [comeback] out of the way. Disappointed by the loss but that's a step towards getting back to myself.

"I have a lot of work to do to make sure I'm ready for Friday."

For Embiid, there is nothing that will now stop him from trying to push the Sixers to glory.

"I play through a lot. Last year, broken face, fingers, played through it all," he said.

"Even with the concern that I could lose my vision if I got hit. So I'll keep playing through anything.

"We've got a big chance [to win an NBA title], so we've got to take advantage of it and make sure we're all ready for Game 3."