I'm a dietitian who shops at Trader Joe's. Here are 11 things I'm buying this month to get more fiber and nutrients.

cart full of groceries from trader joes at trader joes
Trader Joe's has some great options if you're looking for quick meals and snacks. Shyla Cadogan
  • I'm a busy 24-year-old dietitian living in the Washington, DC, area.

  • I shop at Trader Joe's every week with fast, easy, healthy, and affordable meals in mind.

  • The store has a great selection of foods, such as freeze-dried berries and shredded hash browns.

As a busy Washington, DC-based dietitian and freelance nutrition writer, I work long hours in and out of the hospital.

With all that juggling, I prioritize making things simple and convenient wherever I can — especially when it comes to grocery shopping.

Trader Joe's is my go-to Sunday stop for quick, easy, and nutritious foods that keep me fueled during the week.

Here are my favorite staples this month that keep me coming back.

I always throw Trader Joe's wild blueberries into oatmeal.

hand holding up a bag of frozen wild blueberries at trader joes
Frozen berries can be more convenient than fresh. Shyla Cadogan

Wild blueberries are the adorable miniature version of the regular berry and contain more fiber and antioxidants.

They're the same price as the regular frozen blueberries at my local Trader Joe's, so I always opt for wild.

I sprinkle them into oatmeal, smoothies, or yogurt during my typical busy week. Sometimes I even just pour them in a bowl with some cold milk for a quick snack.

When I have more time on the weekends, I cook them down on the stove to make a blueberry compote I can drench my pancakes in.

Frozen pineapple chunks make the perfect sweet treat.

hand holding up a bag of frozen pineapple tidbits in trader joes
I love how ripe and sweet Trader Joe's pineapple chunks are. Shyla Cadogan

In my opinion, Trader Joe's frozen pineapple chunks are the only ones that taste ripe and sweet every time. No need to go cut up a pineapple when you have these on hand.

They go great in smoothies, but they're also flavorful enough to eat on their own.

Frozen hash browns save the day when it comes to meal-prepped breakfasts.

hand holding up a bag of frozen shredded potato hash browns at trader joes
I like the shredded hash-browns option at Trader Joe's.Shyla Cadogan

Trader Joe's frozen hash browns are the ultimate blank canvas for breakfast.

I like to cook an entire bag of shredded potatoes on Sundays with eggs, black beans, and various spices to have a ready-to-eat breakfast hash for the week.

In the mornings, all that's left to do is top it with sour cream, salsa, or guacamole.

Roasted seaweed is a hit for crushing salt cravings.

hand holding up a package of roasted seaweed packs at trader joes
I can munch on roasted seaweed between meals. Shyla Cadogan

Roasted seaweed is my snack of choice for when I want something salty and crunchy.

Seaweed is a fantastic source of iodine and a convenient way to boost nutrition in your meals and snacks.

I love to have a pack or two on the side of stir-fries, fried rice, warm soups, and tuna salads. You can't go wrong with eating it right from the package, either.

Trader Joe's wheat noodles are my favorite for stir-fries.

hand holding up a box of trader joe's thai wheat noodles at trader joes
I love that I don't have to boil the noodles.Shyla Cadogan

Sign me up for any noodles that I don't have to boil.

There's no easier way to make a quick Asian-inspired salad, stir-fry, or soup than with the help of Trader Joe's Thai wheat noodles.

Just tear open the package and throw it into whatever you're making.

Hearts of palm 'pasta' is a cheat code for eating more veggies.

hand holding up a box of heart of palm pasta at trader joes
It isn't exactly like eating a bowl of pasta, but it's still tasty. Shyla Cadogan

If you struggle to eat enough vegetables, Trader Joe's hearts of palm "pasta" is an easy solution.

Though it's no Barilla, the high-fiber noodle alternative is packed with beneficial antioxidants and is significantly lower in carbohydrates in comparison, if that's your thing.

I like to use it as a base for my meal-prep pasta salad. I usually just add regular pasta, whatever protein and vegetables I have on hand, and Italian dressing.

I can make anything I want ranch-flavored.

hand holding up a bottle of trader joe's ranch seasoning blend at trader joes
Trader Joe's seasoning blends are convenient.Shyla Cadogan

The ranch seasoning has seriously elevated every dish I've put it on.

I'm a big fan of using it to season chicken or popcorn, or I'll mix it up with Greek yogurt for a delicious high-protein dip to dunk my veggies in.

The store's fiber-filled oats are a breakfast must.

hand holding up a bag of trader joe's organic rolled oats at trader joes
I'm always looking for easy ways to up my daily fiber intake. Shyla Cadogan

Trader Joe's version isn't your standard, everyday bag of rolled oats.

The organic rolled oats with ancient grains and seeds are packed with amaranth, quinoa, chia seeds, and flax seeds, giving you even more fiber and heart-healthy fats than a standard variety.

I like to use the earthy oat blend to make a savory oatmeal bowl topped with egg, guacamole, and hot sauce.

Coconut water is the perfect 3 p.m. pick-me-up.

hand holding up two bottles of trader joe's organic coconut water at trader joes
There are a number of ways I enjoy the store's coconut water. Shyla Cadogan

Whether I blend it in my smoothies or drink it straight out of the bottle, Trader Joe's coconut water is a hydration staple.

The tropical drink is full of electrolytes, such as potassium and magnesium, that can help fight midday fatigue.

I drink a bottle in the middle of the day or after hitting the gym to make sure I'm thoroughly rehydrated.

Freeze-dried berries are a convenient way to eat more fruit.

hand holding up a bag of freeze dried berries from trader joes
I sprinkle the freeze-dried berries on dairy products. Shyla Cadogan

I will always sign up for fruit that doesn't require a fridge, especially when the price point is lower than fresh.

Berries are rich in gut-healthy fiber and antioxidants, which is why I opt for Trader Joe's easily portable freeze-dried berry medley.

I like them sprinkled over yogurt or ice cream and use them in my homemade berry-granola bars.

Lentil soup is my go-to, no-cook dinner on busy nights.

hand holding up a container of lentil soup at trader joes
I sometimes pair my bowl of soup with a grilled cheese. Shyla Cadogan

On nights when cooking simply isn't in the cards, Trader Joe's lentil soup saves the day.

The high-fiber, heat-and-serve soup pairs unbelievably well with grilled cheese, but it's also good with just a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkle of chives.

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