I'm an interior designer who loves HomeGoods. Here are 8 things I always get there.

I'm an interior designer who loves HomeGoods. Here are 8 things I always get there.
  • I think HomeGoods is an interior designer's dream because of its accessories and decor.

  • The store offers affordable, stylish options for bathroom accessories and plastic dishware.

  • I love looking through the selection of chic light fixtures and colorful throw pillows.

Throw pillows easily freshen up a space.

Rows of throw pillows on shelves in a store.
The throw pillows at HomeGoods come in a variety of colors.Paynter Rhed

One inexpensive way to freshen up any space is by adding some new throw pillows. I even have a closet full of throw pillows because I enjoy changing them out for holidays or seasons.

HomeGoods has a great selection of indoor and outdoor pillows that could bring new life to a sofa, chair, or bed. My store even has aisles of trendy, unique holiday pillows.

I've heard people say there's no such thing as having too many blankets, but I'm guilty of using that logic when it comes to throw pillows.

The right lighting fixture can look timeless.

Shelf of lamps at HomeGoods
I recommend swapping out the lampshade that comes with the fixture.Paynter Rhed

Lighting fixtures can be really expensive and hard to fit into your space, as they come in a plethora of styles and finishes. Thankfully, HomeGoods has a variety of options, including ceiling fixtures and table and floor lamps.

I especially enjoy the versatility of the store's timeless frameworks. I recommend swapping out the lampshades that come with the fixtures to create a more personal touch. Plus, you can change the lampshades out to create a whole new look if your design style changes.

Felt hangers instantly upgrade the closet space.

Felt hangers at HomeGoods
I prefer felt hangers to plastic or wire ones.Paynter Rhed

The easiest way to upgrade one's closet is to replace plastic or wire hangers with felt ones. Having hangers in one color (I suggest sticking with a neutral shade) and material brings an overall less cluttered feel to the space.

Felt hangers are also better for many clothing materials, as they prevent creasing. I even hang sweaters on them since they don't stretch the material as much as plastic hangers do.

Though they're pricier than plastic or wire hangers, I think the HomeGoods selection is very affordable.

The plastic holiday dinnerware is pretty great.

Holiday-themed plates and dishes at HomeGoods
There are usually tons of holiday-themed dishes to choose from.Paynter Rhed

Everyone wants to be the host with the most when having friends and family over for the holidays. Luckily, I find that the selection of plastic dinnerware at HomeGoods makes entertaining easy.

Whether you're having a Christmas party or hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, HomeGoods regularly stocks plates, cups, and napkin options that give a holiday feel without breaking the bank.

If you like creating a different place setting each time you host, the plastic-dinnerware section contains tons of options.

Aesthetically pleasing board games look fancy.

Board games at HomeGoods
The board games at home goods come in eye-pleasing colors and designs.Paynter Rhed

Instead of unusable trinkets and figurines, try decorating your space with board games. Not only do board games have a purpose, but also, the ones at HomeGoods are appealing to the eye.

I've come across a variety of games, from Monopoly to chess to Connect Four, that seem to be designed with aesthetics in mind.

Many of the board-game boxes and covers come in neutral colors, retro designs, and wood tones to add a tasteful sense of playfulness to your space.

Nothing says you have your life together like a matching bath set.

Soap dispensers at HomeGoods
I like to coordinate my soap dispensers, trays, and other bathroom accessories.Paynter Rhed

Bathrooms can be one of the hardest rooms to decorate, but one way to do so is with a matching accessory set. A matching soap dispenser, trash can, tray, toothbrush holder, and dish is sure to wow.

HomeGoods has several options in a variety of materials, including glass, ceramic, and concrete.

The bathroom set I got from HomeGoods is made of concrete, so its natural-stone material creates contrast with my otherwise white bathroom.

Buy wall art or use the canvases to make your own.

Wall art at HomeGoods
I like to look through the clearance wall art.Paynter Rhed

Large canvases can make such an impact in a space and scream luxury, and HomeGoods has a vast variety of options.

From art with striking abstracts and soft, whimsical neutrals, HomeGoods seems to have it all at pretty reasonable prices. I've even seen canvases that are cheaper than plain white ones at some art stores.

If you want to save money and paint on top of a canvas with artwork, check out HomeGoods' clearance section. I purchased a few cheap canvases, repainted them white, and went over them with my own designs.

Add stylish pet beds to your space.

Pet Halloween costumes and accessories at HomeGoods
You might find an affordable pet bed at HomeGoods.Paynter Rhed

Let's face it: Our furry friends can destroy pet beds, toys, and furniture. Thankfully, HomeGoods has a pet section where some things are priced more affordably than at traditional pet stores.

The toys and beds specifically seem to be of great quality, and I've even seen the same styles sold at big-box stores. Investing a lot of money in a dog bed that's going to get chewed to pieces isn't practical to me, so getting one at HomeGoods is a great solution.

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