India's Champions Trophy participation in doubt over revenue cuts

Nick Hoult
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India have yet to name a squad for the competition - Reuters
India have yet to name a squad for the competition - Reuters

India's participation in next month’s Champions Trophy will be discussed next week at an emergency meeting in Mumbai as cricket’s most powerful country decides how to react to a cut in its share of revenue from global events.

Reports in India have suggested a withdrawal from the Champions Trophy is a possibility after its board lost a vote at the International Cricket Council on Wednesday to cut the country's share from global tournaments from $570m (£442m) to $293m (£227m).

The threats are not being taken seriously at this stage by the England & Wales Cricket Board whose representatives were at the ICC meetings this week where a pull out was not mentioned.

Television adverts for the tournament have been running in India for several weeks and the Indian board would risk angering millions of supporters if it did not send its team to defend the only global trophy they currently hold.

<span>India won the Champions Trophy in 2013</span> <span>Credit: AP </span>
India won the Champions Trophy in 2013 Credit: AP

India have delayed naming their team for the tournament. The deadline was Tuesday but it was not submitted while the Indian board awaited the outcomes of the meetings in Dubai. There is no punishment for not meeting the deadline for naming a squad. 

India, which generates the vast majority of cricket’s revenue, will still earn more than double any other country from global tournaments but the ICC has agreed a more equitable split of its money as it scales back the so-called Big Three reforms. 

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