Indian-origin man's bid to reinstate son as school cricket captain dismissed by SA judge

Johannesburg, Jan 24 (ANI): A Indian-origin man's bid to have his son reinstated as first team cricket captain of a prestigious private school in South Africa had reportedly failed when a judge dismissed his application.

Pranesh Indrajith, from the city of Pietermaritzburg, had turned to the high court in an attempt to have his son, Pavishkar, reinstated as team captain at St Charles College after he was removed last January, although the judge dismissed Indrajith's application to force the school and its principal to restore the captaincy to the youngster.

According to Sport24, Indrajith had earlier said that the principal's finding that his son was in poor form, scoring 0, 0, 2, 0, 0 and 4 in his last six innings, was nonsense, although Judge Rashid Vahed said that the court did not have the power to intrude on the internal affairs of the school.

The report mentioned that the application had in any event become moot because Pavishkar completed his schooling last year, although sources said that a ruling in Indrajith's favour would have set a precedent that may have encouraged more parents to litigate whenever they disagreed with decisions taken by school teachers or coaches.

Vahed also supported the school's coach, saying he believed his decision to drop Indrajith as first team captain was 'properly taken, following proper procedure', and were 'based on the loss of form subsequent to the end of the third term in 2012'.

Allegations that racism could have been behind the move to drop Pavishkar as first cricket team captain were also dismissed as unproven by Vahed. (ANI)

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