IndyCar Series extends TV contract with NBC Sports

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The IndyCar Series is staying with NBC.

NBC Sports announced Tuesday that IndyCar would remain with the network as part of a “multi-year” extension. The deal includes 13 races on NBC and two races that will be shown only on NBC’s Peacock app.

The IndyCar Series has been solely on NBC networks since 2019 when the network became the broadcaster of the Indianapolis 500. The 500 will once again be on NBC while the races that are not on NBC or Peacock will be on the USA Network. NBC announced earlier this year that it would be shutting down its NBC Sports Network and would move a large portion of that programming over to USA.

“NBC Sports has been the ideal partner for the NTT INDYCAR SERIES, bringing our bold and audacious style of racing to a significantly larger domestic audience and fully leveraging the power and scale of the Indianapolis 500,” IndyCar CEO Mark Miles said in a statement. “This new deal represents a significant expansion of our network TV exposure and sets us up for continued growth and success alongside a committed, innovative and world-class broadcast partner.”

The current IndyCar Series TV contract was up at the end of 2021, though it was unclear where the series would go if it didn't stay with NBC. CBS seemed like the most likely suitor but it said that it didn't have much room for more auto racing inventory. CBS dipped its toe back into the racing waters in 2021 with Tony Stewart's SRX Series on Saturday nights this summer.

NBC has been pushing more and more content to Peacock and it was only a matter of time before either an IndyCar or a NASCAR race was shown exclusively to paying subscribers of the service. The network has been putting IndyCar practice and qualifying sessions on the app as well as English Premier League soccer games, among other higher-profile sports.

Now that a couple IndyCar races will be on Peacock next year, NASCAR seems likely to soon follow, even if it’s simply for an Xfinity Series race.

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