Indy Santos regrets not getting closer to Taylor on Big Brother

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Indy Santos joined plenty of alliances during her 44-day Big Brother stay, but none of those ill-fated arrangements could protect her on Thursday's live two-hour eviction episode as the 31-year-old Brazilian was sent packing by a vote of 7-1. The private jet flight attendant certainly took her time deplaning, but eventually made her way out of the house and into the next phase of jury living, where she will sit, wait, and eventually vote for a winner.

We caught up with Indy on her way to the jury house with questions on the mind. How did she feel about Kyle not using the veto on her? Whom does she blame for her exit? And what does she wish she could have changed about her game? We asked the Punkitard fashion icon all that and more. (Also read our weekly Q&A with Julie Chen Moonves.)

Indy Santos on 'Big Brother'
Indy Santos on 'Big Brother'

CBS Indy Santos on 'Big Brother'

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Whom do you blame for you being out the house, and why?

INDY SANTOS: Right now that I learned about the huge alliance, I believe I still blame Kyle because he was the one who offered me a different alliance last week while he was on the block. So even if I know there was like, I think, other six people in his alliance, he was the one who had the courage to come to me and offer me a different alliance of opportunity. And he was the one that I picked to play the veto for me. He was the one who didn't use the veto on me, so pretty much him.

If Kyle had used the veto on you, who do you think would have gone up and gone home, and why?

Well, first I would say Monte, because that was what they say, but now knowing that Monte was in the same alliance as them, I believe either Alyssa or Jasmine.

Whom would you like to see get voted out next, and why?

For sure Kyle or Brittany, because both of them made me feel that I was being unfair to them, and they put me in a position that brought me feelings that I was not being the best person that I could on the game. And the other people told me, "I cannot vote for you to stay," or "I have preference with Terrance," or "That's not good for my game."

But especially both of them, Brittany and Kyle, they spoke to me in a way that brought those feelings that I was feeling sorry for who I was being on the game. And I do not like that. They didn't have to do that. And those feelings made me feel so bad about myself, about the game. I'm about being honest, being loyal, being the best version of myself, giving my best to everyone that crossed my path and both of them, but it brought up like a feeling that it was not real. So I think that that was literally unnecessary and I really don't want them to win the game.

Indy Santos on 'Big Brother'
Indy Santos on 'Big Brother'

CBS Indy Santos on 'Big Brother'

If you could back and change something about your game, what would it be?

I believe that first I would get closer with Taylor — on the beginning, on the first day of the first week. I've been thinking a lot since last night and rethinking about everything that she said on her speech that we are more similar than different. And I really think that was a mistake or just confusion in my mind. She may be the person that was set up for me to be, like, my best friend, you know, my die-or-ride.

And I also would never have a close relationship with Kyle or Brittany, two people that I am really hurt about, you know? So I think those are two things that would change.

Terrance Higgins, Taylor Hale, and Indy Santos on 'Big Brother'
Terrance Higgins, Taylor Hale, and Indy Santos on 'Big Brother'

CBS Terrance Higgins, Taylor Hale, and Indy Santos on 'Big Brother'

How did you enjoy wearing the Punkitard, and who was your favorite bandmate?

Oh my gosh, that was so much fun. The part that I most loved was having Michael playing with me over and over and over. He was such a good friend for me in the house, especially when I had the punishment. So I had a lot of fun, was not ideal, mostly because of the week, and because I had to wash that outfit like four times. I was washing in the sink and putting to dry on the outside. And it was like, "I'm so clean!" and I tried to look good. So that was a tough part. But at the same time, I had so much fun, and Michael was definitely my biggest partner. if I ever have like a punk band, he will be invited to be part of it.

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