The Inheritance: cast of Channel 5 TV series with Samantha Bond and Larry Lamb, release date and trailer

The Inheritance airs on Channel 5
The Inheritance airs on Channel 5

New Channel 5 thriller series The Inheritance features a recognisable cast that includes soap stars, period drama veterans and a presenter turned TV actor.

The series follows three adult siblings, Daniel, Sian, and Chloe, who are left stunned by the death of their father, Dennis, and are shocked further when they learn that he didn’t leave either of them anything in his will.

Instead, Dennis had secretly changed his will, leaving his estate to a mystery woman. The bereft siblings are mortified to learn that not only is all of their father’s money going to this woman, known to them only as Susan, but that she will inherit their family home as well.

Three siblings battle for their father's inheritance in new Channel 5 thriller
Three siblings battle for their father's inheritance in new Channel 5 thriller

But as more dark truths about their father’s life comes to light, the siblings begin to suspect that this woman, who stands to gain so much  from their father’s death, may have had a hand in his demise.

The siblings all have their own reasons for needing the money they think they are due, from debt to the pressure of raising a child as a single parent, and all three of them want to prevent Susan from collecting her claim. This is everything you need to know about Channel 5 thriller The Inheritance:

Who is in the cast of The Inheritance?

  • Jemima Rooper as Chloe

  • Samantha Bond as Susan

  • Robert James-Collier as Daniel

  • Larry Lamb as Dennis

  • Adil Ray as Pete

  • Pauline McLynn as The coroner

  • Rory Fleck Byrne as Nathan

  • Gaynor Faye as Sian

  • Kevin Harvey as Glen

  • Kevin Whately as Michael

  • Risteard Cooper as DS Morris

  • Leah Minto as The solicitor

  • Rocco Cheetham-Karcz as Charlie

Is there a trailer for The Inheritance?

Yes there is, and you can watch it right here:

Where is The Inheritance filmed?

Filming for the Channel 5 thriller took place in County Kilkenny in south east Ireland, and the village of Inistioge featured throughout the show.

Series star Gaynor Faye, from Leeds, said: “The whole series was filmed in Kilkenny, Ireland which was amazing and I only came home once in the whole shoot. I wanted to discover the beautiful Emerald Isle, so I spent my weekends writing and travelling around, it was magical.

Other projects filmed in Kilkenny include Stanley Kubrick period film Barry Lyndon, comedy drama Breakfast on Pluto, and Martin McDonagh short film Six Shooter.

When is The Inheritance on TV?

The four-part series will premiere on Channel 5 on Monday 4 September at 9pm, with later episodes airing at the same time weekly. Episodes will also be available to watch on My5 shortly after they are first broadcast.