Intense Interview With The Vampire S2 Trailer Shows Louis Trying To Start A New Life, But I Get Why He's Still Haunted By That 'Monster' Lestat

 Jacob anderson and sam reid on Interview with the Vampire.
Jacob anderson and sam reid on Interview with the Vampire.

After years of rumors, false starts and delayed plans, late 2022 saw Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire (which kicked off more book to screen adaptations of her work) get off to a roaring start on AMC with the first series adaptation of her legendary Vampire Chronicles novels. The first season delivered some brutal kills and a Season 1 finale double cross that had to happen, and now we’ve finally gotten the intense first look at how things will pick up for Louis de Pointe du Lac in Interview with the Vampire Season 2. And, while he’s clearly trying to start a new life with Claudia and Armand, I totally get why he’s still haunted by that “monster” Lestat.

What Have We Seen Of Interview With The Vampire Season 2?

AMC has been kind to fans who’ve been waiting to see more from Interview with the Vampire Season 2, and gifted us with an extended trailer that clocks in at well over three minutes and shows us just how wild the new episodes are going to get! I mean, for the love of Marius, it basically starts with Lestat on fire!

As we see, Louis (Game of Thrones actor, Jacob Anderson) is still revealing many of his secrets (and those of vampkind in general) to reporter Daniel Malloy (Eric Bogosian), but Armand (Assad Zaman), who’d been watching everything unfold in Season 1 while pretending to be Louis’ servant, has now revealed himself and seems less than happy that his long-time love has “lost control” of the interview. So, he’s now joined the proceedings, which will surely have an effect on both what’s told to Daniel and how.

These new sessions of their interview will deliver the beginnings of the relationship between Louis and Armand, as well as how he and Claudia (new star Delainey Hayles) started over in Europe after escaping the suave and controlling Lestat (Hatfields and McCoys star Sam Reid). But, you know, there are some very good reasons that the golden-haired Frenchman with the dark gift is still so ever-present in this clip.

First of all, well, he’s totally still alive. While Claudia and Louis did have to plot so that they could manage to get away from the much older and stronger vamp, Louis was unable to completely finish him. After much arguing, he somehow convinced blood-thirsty Claudia to be satisfied with Louis nearly letting him bleed out after being poisoned, and then dumping him with the garbage…where he could easily get his strength back in the darkened trunk they tossed him in by feeding on dump rats.

So, the first season blissfully left fans without the most obvious (and “boring”) cliffhanger, but the bloody drama is far from over. Along with Lestat still living his immortal life as Louis and Claudia fall in with Armand and the vamps of the Théâtre des Vampires, who are probably not all the “good ones” that Louis is hoping to find, we saw over the course of Season 1 that Louis came to both love and hate Lestat.

Finishing him would have been like killing a large part of who he’d become after being freed from the indignities of humanity, so even if he had decapitated his lover or burned him to a crisp, he would have been haunted by his memory instead of the actual seductive vampire showing up to (likely) make Louis doubt attempting to live his undead life without him.

Even through all of the love and violence that we see spread throughout the trailer, it’s clear that this season is going to focus on Louis and his relationships with both those he calls family now, as well as his interactions with everyone who plays a big part in his life, whether they’re alive, dead, or forever both.