Is this the year Jose Berrios finally meets his fantasy baseball upside?

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The Minnesota Twins have relied on a monster offense, not their pitching, to attack their opponents the past few seasons. The team has been able to assemble a quality stable of arms, but no true ace has emerged yet.

Soon-to-be-26-year-old Jose Berrios, however, has shown flashes of potentially being that ace.

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Berrios has seen his ERA totals dwindle while his workload increased every year of his career. He’s put up quality strikeout numbers while keeping his walks in check.

Yet, he’s available in the middle of the seventh round! Usually, most pitchers with ace-like talent are snagged up by then.

Scott Pianowski has actively drafted Berrios this year, but Elite Fantasy’s Vlad Sedler has added Berrios to his do-not-draft list — why?

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Vlad really likes Berrios — but time and time again, the young pitcher has failed to live up to his upside. He’s also shown some odd home/road splits throughout his career (his career-ERA away from home is 4.81). So, even though he likes Berrios, Vlad will often veer towards other arms at the same price and avoid the disappointment of another year of unmet potential.

Scott, on the other hand, has drafted Berrios due to his price reflecting his floor as a starter, with a ceiling yet to be touched.

Will this be Berrios’ year? Check out the video above for full analysis.

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