ISL: Juan Ferrando hopes to assemble FC Goa squad by September

New FC Goa head coach Juan Ferrando has a fresh set of challenges as he begins his stint with the Indian Super League (ISL) side.

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought football to a standstill in many parts of the world, making it difficult to close transfer deals. And there is also the cloud of uncertainty as to when the next season will begin.

"It is a very difficult time at the moment. For example, in Europe, we don't know if the federation has decided to finish the championship or to start the new pre-season now. Or some players have their contracts ending by the end of May and if they decide to continue the championship, they need to continue their contracts for 20 (or so) more days. But this is the same situation for all the teams around the world.

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"It's very important to keep calm and talk to the players about day-by-day what is happening with the club and the federation. It is very important to decide about some details but we don't know what will happen. Maybe in two weeks the situation will be different and maybe it will be easy to have contracts with new players and talk to players who will be free from their contracts," he explained.

The Covid-19 situation has affected the budget of even the biggest clubs in the world but Ferrando has chosen to remain calm about the situation. 

"Goa has a good sporting director (Ravi Puskur) and I'm not afraid about this. We have good coaching and technical staff and we are working very hard to check (out) a lot of players. It's a new situation for all the clubs, not only for Goa," he mentioned.

"Normally, in July or August, you have the squad. At this moment, maybe it's possible to close the squad in September because a lot of championships have to conclude but I'm sure that we will have a good squad and we will be ready to play in the championship and AFC Asian Champions League."

Brandon Fernandes Lenny Rodrigues FC Goa ISL 6
Brandon Fernandes Lenny Rodrigues FC Goa ISL 6

The former Volos FC coach also hinted that he is not in favour of bringing his former players with him to his new club. 

"Now is the moment to continue to work with the same players and to prepare the players for the future. We are not thinking about exact positions but who is the best at the academy and who can maybe play some minutes with the first team," Ferrando stated.

"I think Lenny (Rodrigues) is not at the highest level. He can do more. Brandon (Fernandes), (Saviour) Gama are the same. Day by day, we need to work and I hope to grow further up from this point."

He added, "I respect my former teams. For example, the last team I was at was Volos and in my opinion, it is not good to take the good players from Volos and come here. Secondly, it is different situation at different teams."

Leading Volos from the third division to the second and first division of the Greek football system in successive seasons is the highlight of Ferrando's career.

"In my opinion, the best players in Greece were at Volos. In Goa, the best players will be in Goa. Sometimes you may want to use the same players at different clubs, but now there are good players at Goa. Sure, we will have good players in the future and I'm not interested in my ex-players. I think it's good to continue with the same players (at the club) and to help the new players," he signed off.


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