'It isn't worth someone's life': Nearly 40 speeding cars clocked in one hour

Crow Lane in Ringwood.
Crow Lane in Ringwood.

SPEEDING ‘isn’t worth taking someone’s life’ say police after nearly 40 vehicles were caught in just one hour down a narrow road.

Police in Ringwood were in attendance with speed-monitoring volunteers in Crow Lane, where the speed of 184 vehicles were checked in a one hour period on Thursday afternoon (June 1).

Of the vehicles checked, 38 were recorded as exceeding the 30mph limit.

According to police, 21 were clocked going 35mph and over, with a top speed of 43mph recorded.

In response, Ringwood Police have reminded motorists such behaviour behind the wheel will “not be tolerated”.

A spokesperson said: “With summer fast approaching there are more vehicles on the road, more children around, and more pedestrians and cyclists.

“It isn't worth causing a serious accident and taking someone's life just to take a few minutes off your journey. Remember it's a speed limit, not a target.

“The majority of residents approach our volunteers with enthusiasm and often express gratitude for the work they are doing, but unfortunately not everyone is so polite.

“Please remember that they are volunteers who give up their free time to help make the roads a safer place for the community and it is not necessary to be rude or aggressive towards them, especially if you were driving too fast as you have approached them, and it will not be tolerated.”