Italian Serie A - Pescara President blames ref

Pescara President Daniele Sebastiani claims without refereeing errors “we’d be on 30 points right now” after another defeat.

Italian Serie A - Pescara President blames ref

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Pescara President blames ref

The Delfini fell 3-2 at home to Siena this evening and now seem doomed to relegation on 21 points, but the Innocent Emeghara winner was offside.

“We gifted the first half to Siena and it was only right they were 2-0 up at half-time,” admitted Sebastiani.

“After the break the Coach made the right tactical adjustments and Pescara played a wonderful second half.

“When the game was set to be all squad, there was an offside goal. Once again we find ourselves having to comment on a match that was decided by others.

“There have been many refereeing decisions against us in the last eight rounds. If they had given us what we were due, we’d be on 30 points right now.”

Pescara have picked up just one point from the last 13 games.

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