It's called fash-hen, sweetie, Look it up

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It's called fash-hen, sweetie, Look it up

To celebrate KFC’s brand-new Twister, Wrap of the Day deal, they’ve launched the latest must-have: the highly exclusive Wrapuette Bag, made with Italian leather and handcrafted by Savile Row artisans.

The latest addition to the fashion world, KFC’s exclusive Wrapuette handbag, is dedicated to the seamless transportation of your Twister Wrap.

With a practical insulating layer, you can keep your Twister Wrap warm whilst you dash to your next meet - perfect for the on-the-go professional.

With inspiration taken from the iconic shape of the Y2K Baguette bag and graced with a KFC keychain that will make you think ‘The Simple Life’ is still on TV, we are seeing the intersection of chic and chicken, in a fashion moment that no one saw coming.

Created with expert craftmanship, the piece is traditionally luxurious, with Savile Row artisans working tirelessly to craft an unmatched level of perfection. With a classic regal red finish, this bag oozes style and sophistication.

Variety is the (11 Herbs &) Spice of life, so there is a different flavour Twister available to purchase and carry in your Wrapuette for just £1.98, Monday to Friday.

From Kentucky Mayo and Smokey BBQ to Sweet Chilli and the brand-new Spicy Supercharger Mayo flavour, we have your favourites covered and ready to curb those midday munchies.

And with an Original Recipe fillet, crunchy pickled slaw and buttermilk dressing all wrapped in a lightly toasted tortilla wrap, what’s not to love?!

Want to cop the hottest drop on the fashion scene? You’ll have to sign up to the waitlist to try and get you claws on one of KFC’s Wrapuettes, as these are in high demand, but limited availability. Wear with caution, as news travels fast and paparazzi are sure to be after you.

Available for £198, you can look and do good with all proceeds going towards the KFC Foundation.

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