Itty Bitty Dog Rescue Committee! Firefighters Save Tiny 1-Week-Old Puppy Stuck Under Texas Deck

The Mount Pleasant Fire Department shared on Facebook that they "put their trench rescue skills to work" when saving the little dog

Mount Pleasant Texas Fire Department/Facebook
Mount Pleasant Texas Fire Department/Facebook

A 1-week-old puppy is already leading an eventful life.

According to the Mount Pleasant Fire Department in Texas, firefighters recently received a call about a baby dog needing immediate help.

"This morning we received a call for a lost puppy. Crews from Station 1 put their trench rescue skills to work and the 1 week old victim was successfully rescued and reunited with its mom. Great job A-shift, station 1!!" the Texas fire department wrote on Facebook Wednesday.

Photos from the described rescue show firefighters digging underneath a home's deck, making a hole large enough for an adult human. What the firefighters pulled out of this giant hole was much smaller than a person.

Mount Pleasant Texas Fire Department/Facebook
Mount Pleasant Texas Fire Department/Facebook

All the commotion was created to save a 1-week-old puppy no larger than a cellphone. The final shots from the Mount Pleasant Fire Department's photo series of the puppy's rescue show the firefighters posing with the freed pup.

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The baby dog in the pictures has a pink nose, grey-white fur, and tiny legs. According to Daily Paws, it takes puppies about 10-14 days to open their eyes. At just seven days old, the pup in the photos still has its eyes closed.

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The little canine left the incident uninjured and is now back under their mother's watchful eye.

This mischievous puppy isn't the only pet to make headlines for getting stuck in an odd situation. Firefighters in North Carolina were recently called to a home to tear up a newly remodeled shower after the homeowners realized their cat got trapped underneath the floor during the bathroom renovation.

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The Surf City Fire Department freed the curious cat from the floor without issue, and the feline made it through the incident unharmed. Unfortunately, the same can not be said of the shower remodel.

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