Jade Cargill Is Reportedly Headed To WWE, And I Know Exactly How She Should Be Utilized

 Jade Cargill returning on Collision
Jade Cargill returning on Collision

Just days after her return to AEW, it's heavily rumored that Jade Cargill is finishing out her contract with the company and headed to the WWE. Assuming this rumor is true, it's an obvious get for the rival organization, as Cargill is one of the most talked-about female superstars in recent years. She's one of the few names that could elevate an already stacked women's division in the WWE, and I think there's a perfect place for her on the roster if she's headed that way.

With a number of key upcoming WWE events on the horizon, it won't be hard to find a way to involve her in a major storyline. Cargill, whose rumored AEW exit was first reported on Fightful Select, could dominate the women's division as a solo competitor, but I think she'd be best utilized as a key final piece for a significant storyline that's been quietly growing in the background of shows. Could Jade Cargill find a home as the newest member of Bobby Lashley's growing stable?

Jade Cargill Should Join Bobby Lashley And The Street Profits

Bobby Lashley has quietly stepped away from the main event scene and aligned with the Street Profits for what already seems like a strong faction. Adding Jade Cargill — someone who was compared to Goldberg during her massive undefeated streak in the WWE — would round out the crew with what would be a massive force in the WWE. Cargill doesn't need to align with Lashley, but I'd be intrigued to see it happen.

This New Faction Could Rival And Surpass The Judgment Day And Bloodline

The most exciting part of Jade Cargill potentially teaming up with Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits is how unstoppable they'd be. These guys could easily topple what remains of The Bloodline even if Jimmy Uso is welcomed back, and I think they're more than a match for The Judgment Day. Cargill would be the obvious piece of the puzzle to stand against Rhea Ripley and potentially set up what could be a massive showdown at WrestleMania 40.

What About Bianca Belair?

One issue with aligning Jade Cargill with this faction is that she'd occupy a spot that many thought was reserved for Bianca Belair. It seemed the WWE was planning to turn Belair into a heel, and with her husband Montez Ford being a part of the Street Profits, she seemed like an obvious addition. If Cargill is in as the main woman in his faction, does that mean Belair is out?

Not necessarily, as I don't think there's any rule that says Cargill and Belair can't both co-exist in the faction. In fact, I think they'd be a helluva tag-team duo in a division that sorely needs dominant champions for those titles. And just like Damian Priest can be a tag-team champ and Señor Money In The Bank, Cargill could be a tag-team champ and challenge for the Women's World Championship.

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Matt Riddle wrestles in a last chance Money In The Bank match.
Matt Riddle wrestles in a last chance Money In The Bank match.

As an AEW superstar is reportedly joining WWE, could a prominent star be on his way out? 

Another possibility is that the WWE could backpedal on making Bianca Belair a heel, keep her the face she was during her dominant run as champion, and disconnect her from that faction entirely. The women's roster isn't hurting for talent, and Bianca could easily have a feud with Becky Lynch or other influential women still on the WWE roster and tear the house down every match.

There are a lot of options, and with Cargill not officially a part of the WWE roster, there is plenty of time for fans to speculate before we might see her while watching Premium Live Events with our Peacock Premium Subscription. Perhaps we'll even see Cargill feud with Belair, as the latter has plenty of accomplishments that make her just as big of a threat as the AEW star.

I'll be interested in seeing if Jade Cargill is hinted at on the upcoming episode of SmackDown, which airs on Fridays on Fox at 8:00 p.m. ET. I'm also curious as to how this could impact the recent return of Nia Jax, who seemed to be the obvious long-term opponent for Rhea Ripley until this news.