Jake Gyllenhaal Says Violently Fighting In Glass And On Dirty Floors In Road House Led To Him Getting A Staph Infection, And It Sounds Pretty Gross

 Jake Gyllenhaal Shirtless in Road House.
Jake Gyllenhaal Shirtless in Road House.

The early word on Jake Gyllenhaal’s Road House remake is that it’s a solid action movie, and Gyllenhaal himself has hyped the film’s action, claiming that the fight scenes were filmed in unique ways that we've never seen before. However, it wasn’t all fun and games for the star, as Gyllenhaal says that he got a staph infection due to an injury on set that got pretty bad.

Speaking with EW, Jake Gyllenhaal detailed a fight sequence in a bar that included a lot of broken glass. At some point, he put his hand on the bar, and in doing so, he cut himself pretty badly on the glass. Gyllenhaal said…

[I] put [my] hand on the bar [on] fucking straight glass.

So… that’s just awful. I’m not squeamish around blood or anything, but the idea of putting my hand directly on a sharp piece of glass is just about the worst thing I can think of.

Traditionally, special glass is used on movie sets designed to be a little less dangerous, but one can still cut themselves on it, so care is always taken. Gyllenhaal indicates that the wound from the broken glass was significant on its own, but that’s not even the worst part. The real issue was what came later, as the actor began to show signs of infection. Luckily, the issue was treated and did not become a problem, which Gyllenhaal says is thanks to the Road House crew. He continued…

I felt the glass going in my hand. I remember the feeling [and] went, 'That’s a lot of glass. My whole arm swelled up. It ended up being staph. [I] didn't sustain any major injuries, [which was] a testament to the team I was working with ... Gratefully, I was really, really trying to take care of everything that we did, and my body while we were doing it.

While an action movie like Road House certainly wants to look more dangerous than it is, sometimes injuries still happen. It’s wonderful to hear that, while Jake Gyllenhaal didn’t make it out of the movie unscathed, he was well taken of to ensure that nothing that happened had any lasting impact.

Jake Gyllenhaal seems very happy with the new Road House. The same can be said of the film’s director, Doug Liman. He is so proud of Road House, believing it’s "fantastic" and one of his best movies, that he refused to attend the movie’s SXSW premiere because he’s angry the movie did not get a theatrical release. However, not everybody is happy with Liman airing his grievances with Amazon.

With the Road House release date hitting this week, fans with a Prime Video subscription will get to see how the remake measures up and can try to figure out which scene in the movie is the one that gave the star a serious infection.