Jake Paul and Tommy Fury grudge match leads to flood of Google searches for 'boxing classes'

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Fury, the younger half-brother of world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, picked up a slit-decision victory over Jake Paul last Sunday.

The fight, which was in the works for over two years, generated more mainstream interest than many recent boxing bouts featuring established professional fighters.

While certain boxing purists questioned the Fury and Paul celebrity clash, recent Google data has revealed a spike searches for information on how to take up the sport.

An analysis of Google search data - conduced by UK gym chain PureGym - unveiled a 25% January to February increase in related terms such as 'boxing classes'.

PureGym personal trainer and professional boxing coach Miles Mitchell said: "Boxing is a great way to keep fit, but it can be quite an intimidating sport to start. "While there are plenty of opinions on what it means for sport when celebrities from other walks of life, like YouTube, get involved, we're a fan of any crossover that results in more people finding an active hobby they would have never considered. "Not everyone who's interested in boxing will want to pursue it as a career, but there are plenty of ways people can take inspiration from this sport when it comes to training -adding in some 'roadwork', swapping some weights for bodyweight exercises or joining a Box Fit class at your local gym. "There's always a way to get started, and people that will help you to get there - if you find something you're passionate about!" Google searches for terms such as 'learn how to box' have also increased by 13% since the start of the year. That number is expected to rise with Michael B. Jordan film Creed III set to premier on Friday, March 3.

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