Jalen Rose blasts Chris Webber in homage to Steve Fisher

The former Fab Five star blames his teammate for Fisher not being considered a Hall of Famer.

The Jalen Rose-Chris Webber feud is getting more toxic in the wake of recent comments from Rose over former Michigan coach Steve Fisher.

Fisher famously started an all-freshman lineup known as the Fab Five en route to an improbable berth in the 1992 NCAA championship game. A subsequent NCAA scandal involving improper benefits led to Fisher being fired at Michigan.

Rose still feels strongly about Webber's perceived role in Fisher's exodus from Ann Arbor.

"He absolutely deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, and if it doesn't happen, it goes back to where he was implicated in something he was not guilty of," Rose told ESPN.com referring to Fisher, who retired last week after 18 seasons as coach at San Diego State.

"Chris Webber didn't own what he did and still hasn't apologized, and there's been a lot of collateral damage because of that, the number one person [affected by that collateral damage] being Steve Fisher. He wasn't the person who lied to the grand jury. He's not the person not choosing to apologize or reconcile any of that. Yet what he accomplished doesn't get recognized."

Webber denied involvement with Michigan booster Ed Martin, which included allegations of taking money, at the time but was indicted on obstruction of justice and perjury charges. Webber pled guilty to a lesser charge of criminal contempt.

Michigan vacated 113 wins as a result of the investigation and effectively erased the accomplishments from the Fab Five era from its official record.

ESPN through Turner Sports did not get a response from Webber on Rose's comments.

"It's important to me to speak on his behalf because he's one of the most humble people you'll ever meet," Rose told ESPN. "He's one of the greatest coaches to ever do it — three finals, one championship. He's won as many titles as Coach [John Calipari], as (Tom) Izzo, as (Jim) Boeheim. Those guys' names come up, they're spoken about with a different level of reverence. Coach Fisher, I know what he's accomplished and who he is. He's a great man with a great family, and the Hall of Fame is something he's earned. It's something he deserves."

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