Jamal Musiala on irate England fans: ‘I’m doing good if it upsets them that I didn’t choose their country’


Jamal Musiala says he is happy for England fans to be irate about his decision to play for Germany - because it shows he must be playing well.

The 19-year-old has earned plaudits for his break-out form with Bayern Munich, who he joined from Chelsea in 2019 after his family moved from Germany to England at the age of seven.

Predominantly representing the Young Lions at youth level before going on to feature for England Under-21s, Musiala, who also spent time in Southampton’s academy, confirmed last year that he would play for his country of birth.

“From my time with England in the youth level, they have amazing talents and I was playing with many of them as well - the U21s, 19s,” he told reporters ahead of Monday’s meeting between the two countries in the Nations League.

“There were many players which can have an amazing career and I think England's youth system is very good for that, to build on these talents and make sure they get better.

“When you said [about] breaking hearts, some of my friends message me here and there when they see me, saying I should have played for England and stuff. We joke around but I think they're still happy for my decision.

“I'm sure some England fans won't be happy but I think that means I'm doing good if it upsets some people that I didn't choose their country.”

Musiala seamlessly flicked between German and English at Sunday's pre-match press conference in the bowels of Wembley - a stadium he dreamt of lining up at as a kid.

The winger said choosing to represent Germany was not an easy decision but the right one for someone who clearly has a lot of affection for England. He still keeps in contact with the likes of Jude Bellingham and Tino Livramento and fondly remembers meeting Southgate as a kid.

“That was at my primary school, Corpus Christi," he said. “I saw him there, I had a picture. It's not on me right now, but we took a picture together. It was nice seeing him.”

He added: “England have a lot of quality. I think we can say it's a perfect game for both of us because we both will need this game to go into the World Cup with confidence.

“I think England have an amazing squad, amazing players. That's why everyone's a bit shocked with their results right now. I feel like this game is perfect for the both of us. This will be a tough game and I'm sure everyone will be watching to see how this goes.”

Additional reporting by PA.