James Bond producer says 007 game show could be a one-off

A producer of the James Bond film series has said a new game show based on the world of the fictional MI6 agent could be the only 007 spin-off TV show.

Barbara Broccoli was at the premiere of 007: Road To A Million, hosted by Succession actor Brian Cox, at Battersea Power Station in London on Thursday.

The new adventure series, coming to Prime Video, sees Cox star as The Controller as nine pairs of ordinary people endure a test of intelligence and heroism to win £1 million.

007: Road To A Million premiere – London
Brian Cox hosts the new series (Ian West/PA)

The Scottish actor has hidden 10 questions around the world with each question worth money. Contestants will bank the cash if they answer correctly but their journey is over if they are wrong.

Asked if there could be more Bond TV spin-offs, Broccoli told the PA news agency: “I think this is a one-off.

“I hope we’ll do more of these with (producer) David (Glover) and (production company) 72 (Films) but I don’t think we’re (going to) plan to do anything else.”

She also said that Cox was the first choice as The Controller because he is “phenomenal”.

Asked if the show is a filler to help people wait for the next Bond movie, she said: “I wouldn’t call it a filler. I think this is tremendous entertainment.

“And I think it’s great for people who love Bond films, but it’s also good for people who don’t really know Bond movies, I think it’s just great entertainment.”

007: Road To A Million premiere – London
Brian Cox (centre) with the contestants (Ian West/PA)

Cox told PA that hosting the series was as near as he would get to the Bond series so he is “quite happy”.

He played fiery media mogul Logan Roy in HBO series Succession before taking on the role of The Controller, described as incredibly wealthy, “villainous and cultured”, and a man who “revels in the increasingly difficult journeys and questions the contestants must overcome”.

Cox added: “It was a very easy job because I just sat in a chair and (looked) at various monitors and said, ‘Don’t do that. Do that, you’re out, you’re in’… It was a good job.

“I felt relatively sympathetic (to the cast), especially as some of them got so close and then so far, so that was intriguing, to say the least.”

Since Daniel Craig’s last Bond movie, No Time To Die in 2021, the next instalment which will feature a new actor playing 007 has been highly anticipated.

007: Road To A Million will launch on Prime Video on November 10.