James Corden Creates Health Hazard That Shuts Down Chocolate Store

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James Corden just returned to Los Angeles after hosting The Late Late Show from London last week. Corden filled in at the famous department store, Harrods, before leaving London. On Monday night’s show, Corden shared some video from his time as a temporary Harrods employee, which didn’t last long.

Corden got behind the counter at a chocolate store and things started out great. The late night host was having fun with the customers and handing out delicious treats. Although, he ran into trouble when he tried getting fancy while wrapping up some chocolate. Corden said, “Now at Harrods, it is not just the experience, it’s the wrapping.” He then reached up to grab a glass off the shelf and knocked it on the side of the shelf, shattering it. Glass fell everywhere, as Corden attempted to hold back his smile.

Unfortunately for the customers waiting in line, that was the end of the road for Corden as a chocolate salesman. An important-looking man came in and told Corden his time behind the counter was over as they had to close down the place in order to clean up the glass. Corden apologized to the gentleman and the customers, before heading to another department of the store where he couldn’t do as much damage.

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Check out some behind-the-scenes action of ‘The Late Late Show’ in London:

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