Jamie Carragher can't believe what Gareth Southgate is planning to do with Trent Alexander-Arnold next

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher was speaking on The Overlap sofa.
-Credit: (Image: The Overlap // YouTube)

Jamie Carragher has been left stunned by reports that Gareth Southgate is planning on picking Kieran Trippier ahead of Trent Alexander-Arnold against Switzerland tonight.

England take on the Swiss in the quarter-finals of Euro 2024, despite an unimpressive tournament that has seen the Three Lions win just two of their four games in Germany.

And after dropping Alexander-Arnold from midfield, Southgate is believed to be ready to overlook the Liverpool man again when he switches to a 3-4-3 formation.

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Kyle Walker is expected to operate as a third centre-back in that system, and Southgate is ready to start Trippier at right-wing back. The Newcastle man has been playing at left-back so far.

And Carragher admits he "can't fathom" why Southgate wouldn't chose Alexander-Arnold in that role after years of shining there for Liverpool at the highest level.

He told Sky Sports: "Kieran Trippier has done a decent job at left back. He's picked him over Trent Alexander-Arnold, which I just cannot fathom at all. I mean, that's not the Liverpool fan in me.

"For a long time, I've always felt it was right that Kyle Walker played right back for England. I thought it was right that Gareth experimented with Trent in midfield because he's got, obviously, world-class ability on the ball. It didn't quite work and he had to be taken out of the team.

"But the reason that you'd play Trippier over Trent, I just can't get my head around. The only reason would be that Kieran has played maybe a few more games, maybe he trusts him. But when you say defensively, the whole point of playing three at the back is to release your wing backs. And you've got Kyle Walker behind you, he's the quickest player in the squad to mop up anything if you get caught out defensively.

"So to not put Trent in that position, I cannot believe that one. I must be honest, I can't. I can only imagine where his head is right now in this tournament. But Kieran Trippier is a player who Gareth trusts, he puts him in. Whether it be left back, right back, right wing back, left wing back, he always seems to find a place for him. But I would have played Trent in that position."

He added: "Yeah I do (feel sorry for Trent Alexander-Arnold). But, listen, I played in the era when there was a lot of great centre backs. I very rarely played for England and Trent has come through in an era where there was a lot of great right backs.

"Now, Kyle Walker's obviously getting older and I think after this tournament, Trent Alexander-Arnold has to be England's right back, whether that's in a back four or a back five. You have to give him his head because he's too good of a player.

"But, Kieran Trippier, as I said, he's a good player. He hasn't had a great season at Newcastle. He's done okay for England. He's done a really solid job at left back, as well as he could possibly do. But, to play ahead of Trent, I just don't see that at all.

"Trent has got world-class ability. Kieran Trippier is just a very good player who at times had a difficult season for Newcastle. So, yeah, I do feel for him in this one. A lot of people were saying they felt for him in terms of going into midfield and then getting dropped. But, you know, he was given his chance in two games in midfield and he didn't really produce. Or the rest of the team didn't produce as well.

"So, I felt, you know, you have to accept that he's taken out the team. But, this one I think will be a really tough pill to swallow for him."