Jamie Carragher opens up on 'dark place' Liverpool legend was in after son's injury

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher was speaking on The Overlap sofa.
-Credit: (Image: The Overlap // YouTube)

Jamie Carragher, the Liverpool legend, was visibly moved as he opened up about his son's injury struggles. Known for his remarkable fitness during his own career, Carragher shared that he used to question the frequency of injuries among some of his teammates.

This all changed when his son James faced knee problems, putting a potential dent in his hopes of becoming a footballer. Speaking to Ian Wright and Peter Schmeichel on The Overlap, an emotional Carragher, aged 46, reflected on the tough period he went through because of his 21-year-old son's health issues. "Twelve months ago I was in a dark place over my son's injuries," he confessed.

Carragher, who rarely missed games due to injury during his time at Liverpool, recounted how he struggled to empathize with injured players in the past. "I didn't get injuries," he said.

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"When I was at Liverpool I'd go in the treatment room and I'd see people on the bed, and I could never get this out of my head, I'd [think] they're faking it, they're not tough enough. Because I didn't get injured. I couldn't understand that people got injured... and then my own son went through it."

He detailed that James' knee complications started during the COVID-19 lockdowns, which severely limited his access to medical care, including hospital visits, surgeries, or physio consultations, leading to two years of ongoing issues.

Carragher Jr kicked off his football career at Liverpool, but left the academy to join Wigan when he was just 15. His journey into the Latics' first team was hampered by injuries, leading to a loan move to Oldham in 2022.

However, after only five matches, his knee gave out again, requiring immediate surgery. The Carragher family were hopeful that the operation would fix the problem, but these hopes were dashed on the first day of pre-season training for the 2023/24 season.

"I'm thinking finally after two years he's been to see the best person in London... great," an emotional Carragher remembered. "He starts pre-season, I'm on holiday, and on the first day, he phones me. And as soon as he phoned me... I knew straight away, my stomach [gestures downwards].

"I booked a flight [home] that night. The holiday's finished for me. I've got to get home. He can't be at home alone with this. Seeing him and what we went through last summer to try and get to the bottom of it, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy."

James, who plays as a center-back like his father, spent the following months recovering, and after regaining full fitness in January, was loaned out to Inverness Caledonian Thistle. There, he made 20 appearances across all competitions his longest run of games in senior football. says: Football can be a brutal place for those who don't quite make the grade. It is for that reason that Trent Alexander-Arnold has an initiative that seeks to help those who need advice on what to do next. For Carragher Jr, though, it sounds like his career might be heading in the right direction.