Jamie Carragher rinses Richard Keys in fiery Twitter exchange

Sean Gibson
The Telegraph
Keys in the blue corner, Carragher - obviously - in the red...
Keys in the blue corner, Carragher - obviously - in the red...

Sky Sports employees old and new clashed on social media on Tuesday evening, with former presenter Richard Keys taking issue with current analyst Jamie Carragher's comments about Arsenal.

Speaking on the Monday Night Football (MNF) programme that Keys used to present, Carragher had called the Arsenal players "cowards" after their 3-0 defeat away to Crystal Palace – and Keys wasn't having it.

The former Sky man, who now works as a broadcaster with BeIN Sports, told the former Liverpool defender on Twitter that he was in no position to make such comments.

But Carragher clarified his points – in between a couple of stinging remarks referring to Keys' departure from Sky Sports several years ago.

Keys left Sky in January 2011 after making derogatory off-air comments with pundit Andy Gray about assistant referee Sian Massey, and women's officiating capabilities more broadly.

In Tuesday's exchange, Carragher goaded Keys about his subsequent decline in status, saying: "Glad you tuned in for the REAL MNF."

Keys then insinuated that the same "cowards" tag that Carragher had applied to Arsenal's players might also be applied to several Liverpool teams in the past two decades, of which the centre-back was a central part.

But after answering that charge, Carragher went on the offensive again, asking why Keys hadn't remained working at Sky.

Keys has more recently seen his personal life splashed across the pages of the newspapers, as his wife branded him a "pathological liar" ahead of filing for divorce, after having conducted an affair with a friend of his daughter.


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