Jamie Carragher's Twitter hacked as fans claim Liverpool icon's feed is better than watching England

Jamie Carragher has lost access to his Twitter/X account after it was hacked.
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher saw his Twitter/X account hacked during England's boring draw against Slovenia on Tuesday and was trolled by fans online.

Carragher, who now works as an analyst for Sky Sports and CBS Sports, saw his account with 2.2 million followers compromised at around 3 p.m. ET on Tuesday. His @Carra23 was later changed to @XAiPremium after unusual posts were initially made under his former identity.

Fans were confused when Carragher's account started posting information about cryptocurrency, but those posts were later deleted. His account is now compiled with multiple reposts from the official @X account on the social media platform.

Carragher wasn't the only victim, as multiple accounts were also hacked on Tuesday, leading users to speculate a data leak. However, in Carragher's case, some fans joked that the situation was more entertaining than watching England draw 0-0 with Slovenia.

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"Still makes more sense than anything Gareth Southgate has done today," one angry England fan wrote. "This has perked me up after falling asleep in the first half," another added.

"Can't defend on the pitch or his Twitter account," another user said in a dig at the former Liverpool defender. "For anybody who wants something more entertaining than this England match, try Jamie Carragher's Twitter profile," betting company Paddy Power posted, as they jumped on the bandwagon.

"This England midfield has as much control over this match as Jamie Carragher has over his Twitter account. Excellent work from Gareth Southgate once again. Why is the knighthood taking so long?" one fan brutally wrote.

Carragher's 2.2 million follower account was ransacked by a hacker.
Carragher's 2.2 million follower account was ransacked by a hacker. -Credit:X
One fan tried to take Carragher's username before their account was limited.
One fan tried to take Carragher's username before their account was limited. -Credit:X

One user took advantage of the situation, changing their username to Carragher's former @Carra23 as it had become available, and wrote: "Pay me $500 for the user back." That account has already been suspended, making it likely that there has already been a strong effort from Carragher or his team to resolve the situation.

The ongoing chaos didn't distract too much from the England performance, as pressure continues to pile on head coach Gareth Southgate. England still ended up winning Group C and due to results elsewhere have a very favorable route to the Euro 2024 final, adding more pressure on Southgate to guide them there.

England finished on five points in Group C and will be joined by Denmark and Slovenia in the knockout rounds. England scored just two goals in three games but only conceded once, proving that although they're yet to click offensively, they're tough to break down.