Jamie Vardy reveals 'terrifying' death threats over Claudio Ranieri sacking

Chris Hatherall
Evening Standard
'Death threats': Jamie Vardy says his family have received threats: AFP/Getty Images
'Death threats': Jamie Vardy says his family have received threats: AFP/Getty Images

Jamie Vardy has revealed he received death threats during the bitter backlash which followed Claudio Ranieri's sacking.

The Leicester boss was dismissed last month after the champions picked up just one point from a possible 18 at the start of 2017 without scoring a goal.

And Vardy has spoken out about the "terrifying" abuse he has faced since Leicester’s fairy tale began to crash – and especially since rumours that a controversial players’ meeting helped lead to Ranieri departure.

“I read one story that said this meeting was straight after the Seville game. It said I was personally involved in a meeting when I was actually sat in anti-doping for three hours,” said the striker.

“Then of course the story is out there and people pick it up and jump on it and you’re getting death threats about your family, kids, everything.

“On social media, you name it – walking down the street even. To be honest I get them every week. Football fans don’t seem to like me. I just get on with it but when people are trying to cut your missus up while she’s driving along, with the kids in the back of the car, it’s not the best.

“It’s happened plenty of times. It is terrifying and what can you do? If you report it all that can happen is they get banned on Twitter. People get cut up but if there’s no cameras, you’re screwed.

“Nowadays I just get abuse at every stadium that I turn up at. I couldn’t tell you why I get it, but it’s part of the game.”

Reports on Tuesday claimed Leicester have offered Jamie Vardy and his family increased security following the striker's revelations.

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