Jan Molby: Oscar can have starring role at Chelsea

I was at Stamford Bridge to see Chelsea's Champions League game against Juventus and as soon as Oscar's stunning second goal flew in my first thought was 'I want to see that again'!

Jan Molby: Oscar can have starring role at Chelsea

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Chelsea's Oscar celebrates goal against Juventus

It was one of those goals where you just want to check that you actually saw what you thought you did.

If he meant that first touch that left Andrea Pirlo rooted to the spot and set him up perfectly for a shot then that makes the feat more incredible. But even if he didn't, to have the awareness and instinct to immediately spin and go for the shot, and ability to fire such a well-struck hit with dip and curl into the only place where it would beat the keeper is phenomenal enough in itself.

That goal was his second in the space of a couple of minutes - after he had seen another strike go in via a deflection – but before that there was little sign of him producing a first-half brace as he rarely left Pirlo's side.

Considering his lean stature and attacking instinct, he did a reasonably good job of shadowing one of the best passing midfielders around. He hardly marked him out of the game, but he stopped the Juve lynchpin having free rein.

After those two quickfire goals you really saw him begin to express himself more. The way he carried himself changed and he began to come deep in search of the ball more often.

It's no surprise to see that he is a very technical player, and could well do a job in the centre of midfield if he fills out a bit. But I see his best position as further forward in support of Fernando Torres.

Of course, Eden Hazard and Juan Mata have already shown they can strike up a highly effective partnership with the striker, but Oscar offers something different. Hazard likes to carry the ball forward a lot more, and he certainly has the ability to dribble around opponents. Mata is highly adept at making a clever, first-time pass into the forward's path. Whereas Oscar seems to be a lot more about making it quick and simple with his passes. That sounds easy but it's a very important skill to have, especially in the final third.

There were several moments where I saw him move cleverly off the ball, receive it and move it on quickly. It's not the sort of thing that gets picked up on television very easily, but every team needs a player like that.

It's great that Roberto Di Matteo has several different options for players he can put in behind Torres, depending on the opposition, because he seems to need someone up with him if he is to have any chance of scoring these days. He doesn't look like a striker who can create something out of nothing any more, but if he has a team-mate there to do it for him then he can still be a big threat.

The one thing I would perhaps say against Oscar at the moment is he seems far better suited to the Champions League than the Premier League. He has had a difficult introduction to English football having joined Chelsea late in the summer following the Olympics, and it may take him some time training with the rest of the squad to get used to what the English game is really like.

For example, Chelsea host Stoke City on Saturday. I'm not sure that's the sort of game he should be thrown into on only his second start for the club.

But, in the long-term, there is no telling what he can achieve. That may sound like building up expectations, but when a young Brazil international joins the European champions for £25 million and then scores goals like the one he did against Juve, we are probably entitled to have such expectations.

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