Japan 1-1 Croatia LIVE! World Cup 2022 result, match stream, latest reaction and updates today

Japan 1-1 Croatia LIVE! World Cup 2022 result, match stream, latest reaction and updates today

Japan vs Croatia LIVE!

Croatia goalkeeper Dominic Livakovic saved penalties from Takumi Minamino, Kaoru Mitoma and Maya Yoshida before Mario Pasalic netted the winning spot-kick in their 3-1 shootout win over Japan on Monday reach the World Cup quarter-finals.

With the scores deadlocked at 1-1 after an absorbing 90 minutes, Japan’s Kaoru Mitoma went closest in the scrappy half-hour of extra time, forcing Livakovic to parry away his powerful drive. Daichi Kamada had shot off target after a flowing Japan counter-attack minutes before Daizen Maeda deservedly put them ahead in the 43rd minute, firing home from close range after Ritsu Doan delivered an in-swinging cross into the penalty area.

Croatia forward Ivan Perisic, who was denied by Japan goalkeeper Shuichi Gonda in the opening minutes, pulled them level 10 minutes into the second half after meeting Dejan Lovren’s cross with a powerful header. Croatia will face either Brazil or South Korea in the quarter-finals

Japan vs Croatia latest news

  • GOAL! Perisic equalises with powerful header

  • GOAL! Maeda gives Japan the lead

Japan 2 - 4 Croatia

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18:37 , Matt Verri

Goalkeeper Dominik Livakovic was the hero after saving three Japan penalties to see Croatia into the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

The Dinamo Zagreb shot-stopper saved penalties from current and former Premier League stars Takumi Minamino, Kaoru Mitoma and Maya Yoshida.

Croatia had fought back from a losing position during the 120 minutes at Al Janoub status in a match where Ivan Perisic secured himself legendary status.

The 33-year-old latched onto Dejan Lovren’s hopeful punt to equalise with a stunning header past Shuichi Gonda in his side’s last-16 World Cup clash.

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 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Decent performance!

18:05 , Matt Verri

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How Croatia sealed it...

17:54 , Matt Verri

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Nizaar Kinsella at Al Janoub Stadium

17:49 , Matt Verri

Heroic from Dominik Livakovic to save three penalties in the shootout. Japan have still never reached a quarter final...

Japan fall short...

17:47 , Matt Verri

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17:43 , Matt Verri

Pasalic sends Gonda the wrong way, Croatia win the shootout 3-1!

Japan are out of the World Cup.

SAVED! Japan 1-2 Croatia

17:42 , Matt Verri

Yoshida up, captain taking on the responsibility.

IT’S SAVED! So weak again, a third save for Livakovic.

MISSED! Japan 1-2 Croatia

17:41 , Matt Verri

Oh Livaja, what was that?!

Strolls up, just clips the ball and it hits the outside of the post. That was woeful.

GOAL! Japan 1-2 Croatia

17:40 , Matt Verri

Asano, looking to get Japan off the mark.

And he does, sends the goalkeeper the wrong way. Japan badly needed that.

GOAL! Japan 0-2 Croatia

17:40 , Matt Verri

Brozovic... down the middle! No mistake. 2-0 Croatia.

SAVED! Japan 0-1 Croatia

17:39 , Matt Verri

Mitoma misses as well!

Again it’s weak, another big save. Japan in huge trouble now.

GOAL! Japan 0-1 Croatia

17:39 , Matt Verri

Vlasic first up for Croatia... scores!

Keeper goes the right way but too much power on it.

SAVED! Japan 0-0 Croatia

17:38 , Matt Verri


Terrible penalty from Minamino, Livakovic keeps it out. No power on it at all.

17:37 , Matt Verri

Shootout to take place in front of the Japan fans, their side going first. Minamino will get us underway.

17:36 , Matt Verri

Lovren and Yoshida doing the coin flip. Something has gone wrong if either of them are required, you’d have to say...

Looks like it will be Japan to take the first penalty.

17:35 , Matt Verri

Perisic, Kovacic, Modric... all off for Croatia. Imagine at least a couple of those would have taken a penalty.

There were plenty of tired legs out there as the 120 minutes came to an end. They’ve got to gather themselves now, all comes do the spot.

FT: Japan 1-1 Croatia

17:32 , Matt Verri

We’re going to penalties!

Majer had a chance to win it in the final seconds, drags the shot wide though.

We get our first shootout of the tournament.

Nizaar Kinsella at Al Janoub Stadium

17:31 , Matt Verri

Josko Gvardiol has proven himself the real deal at this World Cup. It will only increase Chelsea’s interest in him to see him playing at this level and under this pressure.

Back home in Croatia, he has become the big focus for the country who worryingly have few other youngsters of his calibre coming through to replace their ageing stars.

17:31 , Matt Verri

119 mins: Bodies falling to the ground in the Japan box as the ball is dinked in, no real appeals for a penalty though.

Here it comes again, falls for Vlasic. Barisic looks to whip it back in, deflected out for a throw-in. Tanaka down after taking that in the face.

17:29 , Matt Verri

117 mins: Not a lot of pace in the match, these are really nervy moments. Three minutes away from the first penalty shootout of the World Cup.

Both sides relying on crosses into the box, Croatia look the more dangerous when they do so.

17:27 , Matt Verri

115 mins: Minamino wriggles his way out of trouble, comes to Endo and he works it wide.

Low cross into the box, not a good enough ball though and Croatia can clear. Japan having one of their spells of pressure though, Croatia pushes back.

Mitoma knocks the ball back in, too close to Livakovic.

17:24 , Matt Verri

113 mins: Croatia go back to the long throw.

Flicked on once, twice, and just about bounces for Gonda to come off his line and claim. Briefly looked dangerous there.

17:22 , Matt Verri

111 mins: Mitoma is Japan’s biggest threat by a mile, they need to keep getting it out to him on the left.

Croatia break down their right, cross whipped in but it’s headed out. Ito back to help out but he can only concede the corner.

17:19 , Matt Verri

108 mins: Orsic and Livaja are on for Perisic and Budimir, who himself was a second-half sub. Not a great evening for him.

Feels like Croatia have taken off a few of their best penalty takers...

Nizaar Kinsella at Al Janoub Stadium

17:18 , Matt Verri

It is not only Japan who have fighting spirit with Croatia hanging in there despite a few ageing legs in their team.

Modric’s influence is still being felt as he gave a team talk to the squad during the half-time of extra time.

Back underway!

17:17 , Matt Verri

Will we get a winner in the next 15 minutes? Evidence would suggest probably not...

HT: Japan 1-1 Croatia

17:14 , Matt Verri

105 minutes down. 15 minutes to go.

Still we’re level - penalties getting closer and closer.

17:13 , Matt Verri

105+1 mins: Cross swung in after a corner for Japan, nodded back into the six-yard box but Asano is wrestled away from it.

Good spell from Japan, they needed it to. Might give them the lift they need.

17:11 , Matt Verri

104 mins: Feels like Japan might be happy to hang on for penalties. They’re just smacking the ball up the pitch when they win it back, a lot of weary legs out there.

Or maybe not, here comes the counter. Mitoma drives, and drives, and drives... and sees his effort saved! Caught that really nicely.

Bold changes...

17:10 , Matt Verri

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17:09 , Matt Verri

102 mins: Long throw coming in from Croatia, or at least it will be. Three Japanese players warming up have blocked Barisic’s path and demanded he take a few steps back.

The referee agrees with them - long throw doesn’t lead to anything. Does it ever?

17:06 , Matt Verri

99 mins: Interesting double change from Croatia.

Kovacic and Modric are off, huge ovation particularly for the latter. Big shoes for Majer and Vlasic to fill!

17:03 , Matt Verri

96 mins: Japan win a corner, which Croatia aren’t happy with and replays suggest they are right not be.

Almost inevitably, the referee blows his whistle for a free-kick as the corner comes in, evening things up. A tale as old as time.

17:01 , Matt Verri

94 mins: Nice move down the left from Japan, cross comes into the box but nobody in a blue shirt can get on the end of it.

Decent start to extra-time from Japan, seem to have a bit of their energy back after a sluggish final 15 minutes in normal time.

Nizaar Kinsella at Al Janoub Stadium

16:59 , Matt Verri

A first bit of extra time at the World Cup so far and Croatia have been on top in terms of possession, just like the other European nations against them, so it will really test those Japan energy levels.

Back underway!

16:58 , Matt Verri

Here we go again.

Brilliant header

16:55 , Matt Verri

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FT: Japan 1-1 Croatia

16:52 , Matt Verri

Extra-time it is!

Perisic’s equaliser opened the match up but as extra-time got closer, but teams pretty much settled for it.

We’ll have another 30 minutes, with penalties very much on the cards.


16:51 , Matt Verri

90+3 mins: Things have completely died down in the last ten minutes, neither side taking any risks and it’s just petering out.

We are, almost certainly, going to extra-time for the first time this tournament.

16:48 , Matt Verri

90 mins: Minamino on for Doan, as we edge towards extra-time.

Ito gets cleaned out as Japan look to break, Kovacic goes flying in and that will be a yellow card.

Four minutes added on.

16:44 , Matt Verri

86 mins: Perisic clips a cross to the back post, Pasalic gets up well but not enough on the header as it’s flicked wide.

All of Croatia’s best moments in attack are coming from crosses into the box, Japan not looking comfortable when the ball is in the air.

16:41 , Matt Verri

83 mins: We’re getting closer and closer to this being the first match to go to extra-time in the tournament.

Neither side fully wants to commit to finding a winner at the moment, both might just settle for another 30 minutes.

16:38 , Matt Verri

80 mins: Lovely ball from Mitoma, Tomiyasu with the turn and he’s in on goal. Opts to cut it back rather than just getting the shot away, wrong decision.

It completely opened up for the Arsenal man.

16:36 , Matt Verri

78 mins: Japan lose the ball on the halfway line, terrible pass from Yoshida.

Perisic drives at Tomiyasu, works it onto his left foot and hammers an effort at goal. Takes a slight deflection and it flies wide.

Modric swings it in deep, nodded back across the six-yard box and it’s brilliant from Doan to flick it away just as Barisic was about to get the shot away.

16:32 , Matt Verri

75 mins: Bit of a lull in the match, not a huge amount of action at either end. Both sides taking a breather before a grandstand finish? More likely that we’re getting to the stage where both are scared of losing.

Kamada off, Sakai on for Japan.

16:30 , Matt Verri

72 mins: Ito skips past his man once again, low cross into the box isn’t the best though and it’s cleared.

Modric looks to ping a ball at the other end of the pitch, but Ito has charged all the way back to the other end of the pitch and he nods it behind for a corner.

Nizaar Kinsella at Al Janoub Stadium

16:28 , Matt Verri

Ivan Perisic has established himself as a Croatia legend by taking the country’s record for goals in major tournaments from former striker Davor Suker.

His stunning header is now his tenth goal for Croatia at World Cups and European Championships, while he already held the record for most assists. The Tottenham star is a hero.

16:26 , Matt Verri

68 mins: That will be Kramaric’s final involvement.

Pasalic will get the best part of 25 minutes to make his mark on this match, which is still right in the balance.

16:24 , Matt Verri

67 mins: Real chance for Croatia!

Kramaric swings the ball in, it falls right on the head of Budimir but from six yards out he sends the header wide. Had to score.

16:22 , Matt Verri

64 mins: Corner comes to nothing, and Japan will now make a couple of changes themselves.

Nagatoma and Maeda coming off, Mitoma and Asano introduced. Those are familiar changes from Japan.

16:20 , Matt Verri

63 mins: Petkovic off, Budimir on to replace him. Very quiet from Petkovic, wasn’t involved at all.

Croatia’s turn to attack, Modric with a brilliant effort from 20 yards out that is swerving into the top corner. Gonda turns it behind for a corner.

16:18 , Matt Verri

61 mins: This has been a much better game since the equaliser, both sides going for it all of a sudden.

Endo considers a shot from outside the box again, goes for cute pass instead. Bobbles through to Ito, fires an effort straight at the goalkeeper as he loses his balance.

We’re set for a very entertaining final 30 minutes, it would seem.

16:15 , Matt Verri

58 mins: Endo with a very decent effort from distance, tipped over the bar. Good response from Japan to conceding.

Corner swung in, Livakovic off his line to palm it away to safety and his defenders complete the job.

GOAL! Japan 1-1 Croatia | Ivan Perisic 55'

16:13 , Matt Verri


Simple goal but a brilliant one. Lovren whips a sensational cross into the box, Perisic powers a header into the bottom corner and Croatia have levelled it up.

16:12 , Matt Verri

54 mins: Ito again with a dangerous run on the right, cross comes in and it’s deflected behind for a corner.

Taniguchi goes for some sort of flick at the near post, turns out to be a pretty effective clearance. Croatia very grateful.

16:10 , Matt Verri

52 mins: Petkovic goes down in the Japan box, as the cross is whipped in. Strong penalty appeals from the Croatia players but the referee isn’t even vaguely interested.

VAR won’t be taking a very long look at that either.

16:08 , Matt Verri

50 mins: Japan certainly not just sitting back on their lead, still getting bodies forward and they look dangerous too.

Ito looks the most dangerous for them, so much pace out on the right wing. Barisic very much not enjoying his afternoon.

16:06 , Matt Verri

48 mins: Croatia going a bit more direct since the restart, Brozovic lumping a ball into the box.

Bounces around a bit before it’s eventually cleared, not exactly the most convincing defending though.

Back underway!

16:03 , Matt Verri

Up and running again for the second-half.

15:59 , Matt Verri

Japan with 41% possession in the first-half, with both sides having three shots and one on target. Crucially for Japan, that one was a goal.

Temptation will be for Japan to sit deeper and deeper as they look to hold on to their lead, but they’re causing Croatia problems with their pace. If they stay positive, a second goal could be there for them.

Maeda the difference so far

15:55 , Matt Verri

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Nizaar Kinsella at Al Janoub Stadium

15:51 , Matt Verri

Ritsu Doan’s delivery has been has been excellent all game and no surprise that the goal came from his inswinging cross. Shogo Taniguchi only very marginally onside there for Daizen Maeda.

They really are playing with the spirit of a Samurai as manager Hajime Moriyasu asked of his team in the pre-match press conference.

HT: Japan 1-0 Croatia

15:48 , Matt Verri

Japan lead at the break, that late Maeda the goal the difference at half-time.

Not a huge amount in the game, but Japan had a bright spell towards the end of the half and got their reward.

Croatia sloppy so far, they need to wake up.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

15:46 , Matt Verri

45+1 mins: Just the two minutes added on, that crazy spell of the tournament of hours being played at the end of each half seems to have passed.

Japan have conceded the first goal in every match so far in Qatar - new experience for them.

GOAL! Japan 1-0 Croatia | Daizen Maeda 43'

15:44 , Matt Verri

A couple of Japan corners, they’re finishing the half very much on top.

AND THEY’VE TAKEN THE LEAD! They get their reward for the pressure.

Corner is nicely worked, whopped in eventually and then it bobbles around. Falls for Maeda and he hammers it home.

15:41 , Matt Verri

41 mins: Japan’s best moment of the match by a mile!

It’s a lovely move, Maeda just shrugging Modric off. Comes to Endo, he slides the pass through to Kamada who chops inside but then lifts the effort over the bar.

That’s a huge chance.

15:38 , Matt Verri

38 mins: Croatia suddenly unable to string a few passes together, Modric really sloppy on the ball. First time for everything.

Japan have grown into it and it’s pretty even at the moment, but the men in blue are yet to turn it into anything in the way of chances.

Nizaar Kinsella at Al Janoub Stadium

15:35 , Matt Verri

Croatia have had 65% possession so far but Japan won’t care as they had the lowest total of the ball of teams that qualified from the group stage.

They are totally comfortable soaking up pressure and hitting teams on the break.

15:35 , Matt Verri

35 mins: Much better from Japan, their first sustained spell of possession.

Maeda and Doan can’t combine on the edge of the box though and it breaks down, just as it looked like they were going to be in on goal.

15:32 , Matt Verri

32 mins: Japan struggling to get anything going on the counter at the moment, their rare attacks are quickly breaking down.

Croatia very much in control at the moment, though they’re not exactly opening the Japan defence up.

Nizaar Kinsella at Al Janoub Stadium

15:30 , Matt Verri

Japan survive a flurry of crosses involving Ivan Perisic and Andrej Kramaric which was sparked by full back Borna Barisic. Croatia are getting on top with their technical quality after surviving the Samurai’s trademark pressing intensity early on.

Japan remain buoyed by the louder fan base inside the stadium.

15:28 , Matt Verri

28 mins: Japan hanging on all of a sudden, pressure being piled on.

Cross from Barisic, brilliant flick from Perisic loops to the back post and Kramaric is inches away from turning it in at close range.

15:26 , Matt Verri

26 mins: Another big chance for Croatia, don’t make the most of it.

Petkovic gets in behind Yoshida and he’s got so much time, Kramaric waiting at the back post to be set up for a tap-in.

Instead Petkovic tries to cut it back to Perisic, gets cut out and the opportunity has gone.

15:25 , Matt Verri

24 mins: Gvardiol looks down at the pitch as he balloons an effort over the bar from the edge of the box.

Not sure the grass was the problem there, finger should probably be pointed at the centre-back’s left foot.

15:21 , Matt Verri

21 mins: Japan looking to get it to Ito on the right wing at every opportunity, he’s got the beating of Barisic.

This time the cross is blocked, but there’s already been a few that have Maeda has been very close to getting on the end of.

15:18 , Matt Verri

19 mins: Gvardiol clatters into Doan, that was completely pointless. Japan free-kick in a central position, too far out for a shot though.

They go for a clever routine instead as it’s taken short, will assume it didn’t go to plan as it was a bit of a mess.

15:16 , Matt Verri

16 mins: Modric in behind as the ball is played over the top, his progress swiftly halted as the whistle is blown.

Penalised for handball, even if the Croatian midfield is convinced he brought it down with his chest. He might have a case actually.

15:13 , Matt Verri

13 mins: More like it from Japan, who look bright when they do come forward.

Ito with a lovely low ball into the six-yard box, a couple of Japanese players throw themselves at it but they can’t get there. Nagatomo gives away the free-kick, bit too keen as he bundled in at the back post.

15:11 , Matt Verri

11 mins: Croatia have had more than 80% of the ball in the opening ten minutes, their midfielders already controlling the match.

Ball falls for Modric on the edge of the box, bouncing up to him but he can’t bring it under control.

15:08 , Matt Verri

8 mins: Tomiyasu with a throw-in that sails straight out of play for a goal-kick. Not the finest moment from the Arsenal defender.

Huge chance for Croatia, Perisic robs Tomiyasu and he’s in on goal. Can’t see a cut back option so eventually goes for goal himself, it’s a good save to deny him.

15:06 , Matt Verri

6 mins: Croatia seeing plenty of the ball as expected, Japan won’t care about that though.

Modric slides the ball through to Kovacic, a rare loose though from him. Japan win it back, lose it again about three seconds later. Brozovic, Kovacic, Modric... tough task out there.

15:03 , Matt Verri

3 mins: Big chance!

Japan take a short corner, ball comes in and Taniguchi gets up well but directs the header wide from a few yards out. Should really have done better.

Maeda then goes flying in on Livakovic, charging down the goalkeeper’s clearance.

15:02 , Matt Verri

2 mins: Maeda bundles his way through a couple of challenges, then gets dragged back. A bit further into the match and it would have been a certain yellow card, you’d imagine.

Great delivery into the six-yard box, just manages to evade everyone.


15:00 , Matt Verri

We’re up and running - both sides will fancy their chances here.

Here we go...

14:54 , Matt Verri

Teams are out at Al Janoub Stadium.

Japanese fans just about with the edge in the stands, it’s likely to be a bit more of a muted atmosphere than we’ve seen in other matches over the last few days.

Nobody has been able to compete with the Argentina supporters...

Not long now!

14:47 , Matt Verri

Kick-off coming up in less than 15 minutes now!

As much as it’s been a tournament with plenty of shocks so far, the quarter-final lineup is pretty much as expected so far.

Argentina, Netherlands, France, England... can Japan provide the first real upset of the knockout stage?

Daunting task next

14:38 , Matt Verri

The winner of this afternoon’s clash will face either Brazil or South Korea in the quarter-finals.

Tournament favourites Brazil lost to Cameroon in their final group-stage match, but that was after changing almost their entire team.

They’d be incredibly tough opponents for either Croatia or Japan in the last-eight. Every side still in the tournament will be cheering on South Korea later!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Possession overrated...

14:29 , Matt Verri

As we saw last time out, Japan have no problem being without the ball.

Rodri managed more than 200 passes himself in Spain’s defeat to Japan, so it would be no surprise if the Croatian centre-backs saw plenty of the ball this afternoon.

The European side will have to be so careful of getting caught on it though, Japan offering such a threat on the break.

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Croatia go in as favourites

14:19 , Matt Verri

No surprise that Croatia are favourites to get the better of Japan, four years after they reached the final in Russia.

Wasn’t entirely convincing from them in the group stage though, with goalless draws against Morocco and Belgium. Their comfortable win over Canada has been been the only time they’ve clicked into gear.

Japan vs Croatia: To qualify

Japan: 31/20

Croatia: 1/2

Via Betfair.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Japan happy to do it the hard way

14:11 , Matt Verri

Japan won’t be too worried if they fall behind this afternoon.

They conceded first against Germany and Spain, but turned it around in both of those matches to win. Two European sides already seen off - a third to come?

Wouldn’t back against them, judging by what they’ve produced in Qatar so far.

14:04 , Alex Young

For Croatia, manager Zlatko Dalic has largely enjoyed a tournament free of injuries thus far. While his team have not always convinced, there has at least been a level of continuity throughout their campaign, something that proved crucial in their run to the 2018 final.

But Borna Sosa misses this game due to illness, while fellow defender Josip Stanisic is out with a muscle problem.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

13:58 , Alex Young

Japan have been boosted with Takehiro Tomiyasu fit to start this afternoon.

The Arsenal defender is in from the outset following Ko Itakura’s suspension, though the success Japan have enjoyed in Qatar hasn’t always come from those who start.

Right-back Hiroki Sakai is also back in training, but misses out on a start, and Real Sociedad’s Takefusa Kubo has a muscle issue that keeps him sidelined.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Croatia XI

13:48 , Alex Young

And here’s the opposition.

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Japan XI

13:47 , Alex Young

As expected, Tomisayi comes in.

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Dalic: Croatia the real underdogs here

13:34 , Alex Young

Croatia remain unbeaten in finishing second in Group F behind Morocco and coach Zlatko Dalic is keen to point out his nation's underdog status.

Their opponents, Japan, have been flying and topped Group E after beating both Germany and Spain, and are viewed by some as the plucky pretenders despite boasting a popular more than 32 times bigger than Croatia.

“If you look at the fact that among the 16 countries that have qualified for the next round, Croatia has by far the smallest population,” said Dalic.

“We are a small country, but we dream big. We want to win and will do our best.”

Modric sticking around

13:25 , Alex Young

This will not be the last time we see Luka Modric in a Croatia shirt, says coach Zlatko Dalic.

Modric is 37 and has played over 150 games for his country. This is his ninth major tournament, but Dalic sees no reason why it has to be his last.

“I will repeat again, whatever I say about Luka Modric it will not be enough,” he said. “I have said everything I can, I hope he stays healthy. I am sure this is not his last competition for Croatia, that he will be part of this team for years to come.

“His fitness, professionalism and attitude gives us the right to think that way. He is a very important part of our team.”


Score prediction: History for Samurai Blue

13:13 , Alex Young

It’s difficult to look past Japan, such has been their ability to rise to the challenge at this World Cup.

Japan to win 2-1.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Croatia team news: Defenders taken ill

13:09 , Alex Young

For Croatia, left-back Borna Sosa could be sidelined due to illness, while defender Josip Stanisic has a muscle issue. Otherwise manager Zlatko Dalic chould have a full squad to choose from.

Japan team news: Tomiyasu looking to start

12:53 , Alex Young

Hiroki Sakai and Takehiro Tomiyasu should both be fit for Japan today, although Ko Itakura is suspended and there is an injury doubt over Takefusa Kubo.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

How to watch

12:46 , Alex Young

TV channel: In the UK, the match will be televised free-to-air and live on BBC One, with coverage beginning at 2.30pm.

Live stream: Fans can also catch the game live online via the BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport website.

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